Dragon Quest Treasures: How To Find All Balloons In The Hinterquarters

There is a lot of cool stuff to be done in Dragon Quest Treasures as players venture through Draconia in search of treasure. You will be faced with quite a number of challenges along the way, alongside making friends with the monsters that you meet up with.

They can be of great help right from the beginning and will be always of guidance to you. The biggest challenge will be to find out the tricky and hidden locations of a large portion of the treasures, with The Hinterquarters being one of them.

This location will come up during the ‘Shady and Shambles’ journey, where players will have to burst balloons along the way. Nevertheless, the search for balloons will be a whirlwind task, meaning you will have to look across every corner of the location.

You will have balloons over the hills and even in the Bitterbutte surrounding that can hold a number of deeper steps. In that regard, the following guide will help players in traversing the Hinterquarters for balloons. 

Dragon Quest Treasures - The Hinterquarters

Dragon Quest Treasures: Where are all the balloons located?

Northern Hinterquarters

The players start off from the Swishmelt Lakeside Station before heading further north. You should be able to get the maximum number of balloons along the fixed way. The big challenge comes when players come across The Bitterbutte where you will have to get creative as explained below. 

Southern Hinterquarters

A few balloons here will be hidden well, but the path to them is not too hard. Players can definitely go for them once they have a general idea. Nevertheless, you will be requiring a monster that possesses Stealth Forte for a few of them, a minimum of one balloon. 

The first balloon is present within the big cage around the southern section of The Hinterquarters, northwest of the Swishmelt Lakeside Station. Players will require a monster having stealth ability for this one.

Players can keep to the west of the map as they come across a gap. It leads to the edge of the map. You should walk along with it (a monster with the Float Forte will be great). Soon, you will encounter a balloon floating alongside the edge.

  • There will be a lake as you move north. This balloon is tethered in the middle of it.
  • East of the lake, close to the path that hooks around it, you will find this balloon resting above some rocks.
  • A balloon a little way ahead of a campfire near the path. 
  • You will find this balloon just a little past the first campfire you encounter on the main path (to the northwest).
  • When you encounter a tunnel of ice, instead of entering, climb up top, the balloon is floating up above.

Dragon Quest Treasures - Finding balloons

This balloon is on the west side of the map. It is north of the campfire on the path, but south of the Glacial Junction Station. Players will see it beneath a tree. This balloon is also on the western side of the map. If you head west from the Glacial Junction Station, you will run headfirst into a giant half-buried skeleton.

  • You will find this balloon sitting on the tip of one of the bones jutting out from the ground.
  • There is a balloon sitting right on top of the Glacial Junction Station. It is just hovering above the roof.
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From the Glacial Junction Station, players have to move north. The road will shift to the left, before going north. The balloon will be sitting to the east of the path up against a glacial wall. There is a frozen river that meets with the path. At the point where the path intersects with this frozen river, there will be a glacier east of the path.

  • Climb it, and follow the frozen river north.
  • Eventually, players will view a balloon hanging around a tree on your right.


Players will have to have the Bitterbutte Bottom Station which will enable you to capture most of the balloons in this region. Additionally, you will be benefitted if you are carrying a monster that has Launch Forte. 

With the Bitterbutte station in sight, players will see a fork in the road. One section will travel north, and the other will go to the west. You should walk on the western route, and it will take you to this balloon.

This balloon is northwest of the Bitterbutte Bottom Station, present in front of the base of the Bitterbutte itself. This next balloon is sitting under the stairs that come out the back of the Bitterbutte Bottom Station. It is specifically under the section at the very top of the steps.

  • Follow the steps at the back of the Bitterbutte Bottom Station up, and then head on the path traveling northwest.
  • There will be a large crevice on your right that is filled with giant roots. Among these roots is, of course, a balloon.

Dragon Quest Treasures - Bitterbutte

  • From the Bitterbutte Bottom Station steps, players have to go down the northwest path and follow it. It will go around Bitterbutte mountain.
  • There are giant roots that act as ramps. One of them will have a balloon hiding under it.
  • Follow the Bitterbutte path that hooks around the mountain.
  • On the northern section of the Bitterbutte, this balloon will be sitting along the edge.
  • Follow the Bitterbutte path that hooks around the mountain.
  • On the west section of the Bitterbutte, this balloon will be sitting on a giant tree root that is jutting out.

Go to the northeastern tip of The Hinterquarters. This balloon will be sitting entangled in roots near a wall of ice. This balloon is found floating above the campfire that is north of Cracktail Canyon. It is in a cave, so you won’t be able to see it from outside, but you can just head straight for that campfire icon.

  • This final balloon is southeast of the Bitterbutte Bottom Station.
  • Go to the frozen lake in the Cracktail Canyon south, and you will see into this balloon.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to hunting all the balloons in The Hinterquarters. They can be tricky and time-consuming, but once you have the lay of the land, it should get over quickly eventually. 

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