Against The Storm – Most Powerful Embarkation Choice

Embarking on a journey in Against the Storm can be daunting, but unlocking the Training Gear Delivery Line from the Level 8 Vanguard Spire tree introduces a game-changing element that can significantly tip the scales in your favor.

In this guide, we’ll explore why the Training Gear Delivery Line is considered one of the most overpowered embarkation choices, offering players many strategic advantages.

Most Overpowered Embarkation Choice In Against The Storm


The Training Gear Delivery Line – A Cornerstone for Success:

At first glance, the Training Gear Delivery Line may seem costly, but its consistent delivery of 3 Training Gear per minute sets it apart from other embark perks. Let’s explore why this option stands out and how it can shape the course of your gameplay.

Opening Every Cache: A Risk-Free Strategy

The constant supply of training gear allows you to open caches right from the start, providing a risk-free alternative to using Stone. Training Gear costs are notably lower than other resources, ensuring that your Brick production remains unaffected, a crucial factor in more significant difficulties.

Abandoned Caches, particularly the larger ones, can yield valuable cornerstones, like a recent Prestige 5 run that resulted in a Grain +2 boost, catapulting food production to unprecedented levels.

Trade it Away: Turning Gear into Gold.

Unused Training Gear can be traded for a steady influx of amber, offering numerous bartering options. Whether through trade routes or direct transactions with traders, converting Training Gear to currency provides a quick financial boost.

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Additionally, the Gear can be used in manufacturing buildings, such as Leatherworks, turning it into a more lucrative item for orders or sales.

Stockpile for Future Services: Building Resilience

For those not immediately using Training Gear for caches or trade, stockpiling it for service buildings is a strategic move. Training Gear is crucial in fulfilling Brawling needs in buildings like The Clan Hall, The Explorer’s Lodge, and The Tea Doctor.

Late in the game, having a surplus of Training Gear can provide an immediate boost to settlements, particularly essential on higher difficulties where service buildings mitigate storm effects and prevent negative perks.

Unlocking the Training Gear Delivery Line:

Getting your hands on the Training Gear Delivery Line involves reaching Level 8 in the Vanguard Spire tree. Additionally, points in the Pioneer’s Gate tree are necessary for selecting the perk.

Despite the challenge, rushing up the tech tree for this perk is highly recommended, given its overwhelming benefits that can snowball every settlement into a guaranteed success.


In the challenging world of Against the Storm, the Training Gear Delivery Line emerges as a game-changer, offering a strategic advantage that can significantly impact your success.

Whether you open risk-free caches, trade Gear for resources, or stockpile it for future services, the Training Gear Delivery Line proves to be an essential cornerstone for any thriving settlement.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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