Hydroneer 2.0: Guide to Buying and Placing Bed

Players have been finding Hydroneer 2.0 a gamer-friendly atmosphere with setting up mining operations. The sandbox game gives all the control to the players who earn money and can progress further with farming effectively.

Therefore, in a relaxed setting, players can enjoy the game and discover all the various possibilities it throws up. One of the more interesting ones is the whole deal surrounding the buying and setting of a bed. The following guide will detail how to do the exact same in order to finish that objective.

Hydroneer 2.0: Guide to buying and setting a bed

How to buy a bed

The game opens up with players in the Tools and Equipment area. You will find all sorts of objects here needed for the game. Players need to go near a camp bed and press E. After that, you put it down near the entrance filled with planks.

It is the exit area where you will see the price of the bed near a sign, above a big red button. The price is 24c so it should not be a problem in collecting that money, given the vast mining operations farming money.

Players can take the dirt with their shovel and, after filling their bucket, add water to this mix. Take a large bucket and take out the ore which can be sold through the scrub brush. All of this can be done near the Ember Cradle.

Ways to use the bed

Beds are already crafted in Hyrdoneer 2.0, but they are needed to be put down in order to sleep. Players have to lift the bed by pressing E and then left-clicking with the mouse.

Now, you will be able to see a green halo border around the bed. This will indicate whether the bed is in the correct placing position. The green means the bed can be put down there.

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The Ember Cradle is one of the best places where the bed can be set down. However, players must be cautious in not dropping the bed helter-skelter.

Rather, they would want to place it perfectly in an optimal position. There are some visibility problems in doing work at night in Hydroneer 2.0.

Therefore, a camp bed can be vital in making time go by very quickly. Just by left-clicking on the bed, you will be shown the night passing by extremely quickly. Thus, having a bed is a key part of the game which can enrich your experiences.

There you have it folks, everything you need to know regarding the whole bed details in Hydroneer 2.0. The game has definitely gotten better and more optimal from its last version.

Several new storylines have been introduced, including two new areas. The Icehelm Forge has been a nice addition, where players can use the Blacksmith skill to make weapons.

Thus, do not forget to check all of those features out and keep playing the game. Moreover, if you get tired and want to make the night go quickly, just follow the steps above and get a good night’s sleep.

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

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