Alan Wake 2: Ranger Station Cult Stash Location

There are a bunch of Cult Stashes present in Alan Wake 2 that will have players figuring out their mysteries. While the majority of them will have a puzzle stemming from the surroundings that you have to solve, some have you searching for a key.

One such Cult Stash is the Ranger Station, which you will find as you move west from Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2. In that regard, the following guide will have you solving the riddle of the Ranger Station Cult Stash.

Alan Wake 2: The Ranger Station Cult Stash Location and Unlocking

This quest resembles the Truck Bed Cult Stash as you have to have the Bolt Cutters exit through the west of Bright Falls into Billie’s Boat Yard and move from thereon.

The Cult Stash will not be found just beside the Ranger Station as its location is on the opposite side of the main road. You will not have to walk a lot, but there is an absence of a linear road, given the elevated pathways and general landscape.

Players will be helped by the Cult Stash icon on their maps, and it is not too far, so it should be fairly easy to reach the exact spot.

Alan Wake 2 - location of Ranger Station Cult Stash

Regarding the hint, it will be on top of the Cult Stash and is a weird piece of a picture. While there is some debate about what the picture refers to in Alan Wake 2, you will obtain the key within the Ranger Station.

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Players will have to reach the front steps of the Ranger Station instead of heading in. As you stand in front of the steps, move to the righthand side of the house, and you will locate the key sitting on the ground towards the corner created by the Ranger Station itself prodding out.

Alan Wake 2 - found Cult Stash

Once you have acquired the key, players only have to bring it again to the Ranger Station Cult Stash and, after getting access to it, head on towards the next Cult Stash present in the region. You will most likely need help unlocking that one after getting there.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Ranger Station Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2. It is not very hard to locate, and players will do well to find the key, too, which will help you unlock it eventually.

Last Updated on October 30, 2023

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