Atlas Fallen: Best PC Graphics Settings for Performance

The following guide will help players understand the best graphics and performance settings of Atlas Fallen.

Atlas Fallen: Best PC Graphics Settings for Performance

The game’s official Steam page states the following as minimum requirements for running the game: 

  • Storage: 35GB
  • Graphics card: RX 470/GeForce 1050 Ti
  • RAM: 8GB

Atlas Fallen - Best performance

You would also require a strong CPU with four cores and the above components. Nevertheless, running Atlas Fallen on 30 FPS would be enough while keeping all graphics settings tuned Low.

That is why it is highly recommended that players have some high-end parts, including 16GB RAM, more than 8GB of graphics card in the latest generation, and a fantastic CPU to generate higher FPS and a smoother gaming experience.

However, there are some ways of managing your graphics and trying to make the gameplay better. You can choose to go for either DirectX 11 or switch to the higher load with DirectX 12. If you do not have high specifications on your PC, you should stick to DirectX 11 only.

Atlas Fallen has specific settings that can be tweaked to improve gaming performance. These settings can be found inside the Display & Graphics category, and you can change them up from within the game itself. Here are some of the most important ones that players have to note:

Atlas Fallen - best graphics

Texture Quality

It will impact how the textures and effects appear in the game. Players can tune it to High and still not have a noticeable dip in performance, but going beyond will cause issues.

Volumetric Lightning

This will change how light shows up in Atlas Fallen, alongside changing the shadow quality. Turn it to Low since you will have problems if you keep it more than that.

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Shadow Quality

Your shadow, along with the other characters and environment, is the most impacted. If you have a low-end system, keep this to Medium at the most, as going over it can be too much for your overall performance and on the CPU and GPU.

Motion Blur Intensity

Keep this OFF for the best results. Your view will be blurred as you move around, and players turning it ON will have a decreased view when they play around with their camera too much.

Resolution/Frame Rate Limit/VSync

These are the most common settings in this section, so you can play around with them as you want till you reach a nice balance between the performance and FPS you like.

You can also fiddle with other, less critical options like Vegetation Quality and Ambient Occlusion. These only focus on specific points in the game, so you will not see many changes by increasing or decreasing them.

Another thing to remember is that the effects from weapons and healings will affect the FPS, so going with dull choices in weapons and lesser recovery can get the problematic frame rates under control in Atlas Fallen at some cost.

Thus, that is all the information players need to determine the best performance and settings for Atlas Fallen. It will take you some time to set up all the elements perfectly but keep playing around with them till the most suitable one comes up.

Last Updated on January 18, 2024

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