Atlas Fallen: How To Use Multiplayer Mode

Players experiencing Atlas Fallen will not have it easy at any point in the game. You will face huge hurdles and dangerous enemies at all corners, so using the multiplayer option is a no-brainer.

You should also be aware of the different weapons and perks available to you to survive. So, it helps to bring your team along, especially players familiar with the setup.

In that regard, the following guide will help players understand how multiplayer options benefit them greatly.

Atlas Fallen: How To Use Multiplayer Mode

Players will gain access to co-op gaming when they win control of their customized, unique character.

Once set, go to your player menu and select the co-op tab to access the multiplayer options. Players can get their friends along via Steam, using the individual codes, or ask their group to link up through the IP addresses.

Atlas Fallen - co-op feature

While the information about progress is not visible initially, players hosting the game can keep winning access inside the world where they are progressing.

Your friends joining the game will not have the same progress in Atlas Fallen but can maintain their upgrades and extras added to their respective characters.

Since the whole game is for all players, you can run it from beginning to end without seeing any problems. The other significant aspect is that players can divide up all the loot amongst themselves, and the difficulty settings will be implemented separately.

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That means you can have different levels of battling and combat in the game, so nobody misses out.

Atlas Fallen - steam invite

Currently, players will only have the co-op as the multiplayer choice. You do not have PVP settings, and it is uncertain if they will become active shortly in Atlas Fallen.

You also do not have the option of matching up with random game players online, so you will have to choose between having a known partner or friends who have the game or giving your co-op code to others in the hopes of them linking up to play Atlas Fallen.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the multiplayer mode in Atlas Fallen currently. There is hope that more options will be added later, and we will keep you updated on the latest news.

Last Updated on August 11, 2023

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