Remnant 2: How To Get The Star Shot Handgun And Unlock Coffin Pods

The following guide will help players acquire the Star Shot through the wastelands of N’Erud. This weapon can be found after you progress significantly in the game, and the Star Shot has a unique Mod called Big Bang for even more awesome gameplay.

Remnant 2: How To Get The Star Shot Handgun And Unlock Coffin Pods

Players have to find and unlock coffin pods present across specific maps on N’Erud to get their hands on the Star Shot handgun. Nevertheless, you will have to jump through some hoops to unlock them once you have located them.

You will find the coffin above pods in N’Erud as you journey through and interact. The coffin pods will emit a beeping sound as you start interacting with them, which sounds like a warning or alert.

Nevertheless, players must take extra steps to discover the cause of the beeping, as it will not reveal anything.

Remnant 2 - Coffin pods

Players will be able to find five coffin pods all around N’Erud. They can show up in any of the below maps:

  • Timeless Horizon
  • Abyssal Rift
  • Phantom Wasteland
  • The Eon Vault

Players with more than one of the maps present in their campaign roll will have all five coffins showing up in one single map, which saves you the hassle of moving around several places. You should follow the orange light given out by the coffin pods to approach them in the dark.

Opening the Coffin Pods

Players must get to the Dark Conduit dungeon and finish the task there to unlock the coffin pods.

  • You will have to bring back power to the area as you battle through the hordes of Parasite enemies.
  • Carry weapons with solid AoE damage and ammo mags since the Parasites are not of excellent health.
  • Return to the checkpoint after returning the power and make your way through the elevator.
  • There is a console in front which has to be activated.
  • After you are done activating it, players will see the supply ship within the tube switch on and go to every coffin pod that is activated and bring them.
  • The ship will carry the five coffin pods to the space below, where you have to go and unlock them for the rewards.
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Remnant 2 - Supply Ship

Players can get Scrap, Galvanized Resupply Band Ring, Iron, Difference Engine Amulet, and the Star Shot Handgun. You have the choice of finishing the Dark Conduit dungeon ahead of time, even before interacting with the coffin pods.

If you follow this path, then the supply ship will get the coffin pods after you are done interacting with them. This process is wordy so that players can choose the first method.

Thus, that is all the information players need when obtaining the Star Shot handgun through the coffin pods in Remnant 2. You can inflict a lot of damage through it, so it is wise to go after it.

The process can seem complicated, but you should finish it soon.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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