Backpack Battles – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Strategies

Backpack Battles presents a straightforward gaming experience where players construct their backpacks using various items in order to outmatch their opponents’ builds. The game incorporates an element of randomness, as players must assemble their backpacks with items provided randomly by the shopkeeper. Furthermore, battles ensue between players who are randomly matched.

This guide serves to offer a comprehensive understanding of the game’s mechanics and strategies for effective gameplay. It is intended to serve as a quick start or to fill in any informational gaps not covered by other guides or within the game itself.

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide For Backpack Battles

Please note that this guide refrains from detailing information that is readily apparent or self-explanatory, even to beginners. For more in-depth insights into the game, you can refer to the following link:

Battle Mechanics

The game employs an asynchronous PvP battle system, meaning that players do not engage in live combat against opponent players. Instead, players’ backpacks are saved to the server and subsequently matched against other players’ builds for a set period of time. The exact duration for which a build is saved and utilized in battles is unspecified.

Given the asynchronous nature of the PvP system, players have the freedom to play the game at their own pace, without the pressure of a countdown timer. Should you wish to pause the game and resume it at a later time or date, simply press the ESC key or access the settings menu to exit the game and return to it later.

It’s important to note, however, that conceding a ranked game will result in a penalty.

Game Modes

Backpack Battle offers two distinct game modes: ranked and unranked.

In ranked games, your primary objective is to win matches in order to ascend the ladder. As you progress through the ranks, the difficulty of the rounds increases. It’s important to note that conceding a game in ranked mode incurs a penalty.

The rank tiers follow a specific order: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and finally Grandma. Within each tier, your progress is indicated by a numerical badge. Advancing to 100 within a tier allows you to move up to the next tier in the ranking system.

On the other hand, unranked games provide a more relaxed environment. There’s no ladder to climb, and no penalty is imposed for conceding matches. Players can experiment with different builds and freely exit the run whenever they choose.

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Phases of the Game

The game run consists of two distinct phases: the Item Shop phase and the Battle phase.

Phase 1: Backpack and Item Building

Upon initiating a game mode, players are transported to Furcifer’s shop.

In the Item Shop phase, players utilize their Gold currency to purchase items from Furcifer’s shop. Items can be acquired by left-clicking and dragging them into the inventory or storage. To refresh the selection of items, players can click and pull down the Reroll rope.

Players have the option to reserve items by right-clicking on the item’s price tag or left-clicking directly on the item in the shop. Reserved items remain untouched during rerolls and are carried over to the next visit to the shop.

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Item combining is facilitated by visual cues: blue lines indicate items that can combine, thin gold lines denote items that are part of a recipe, and a thick gold line appears when all recipe components are adjacent. Combined items are automatically formed upon returning to the shop in the next round.

For players seeking to prevent item combinations, items can be locked by right-clicking on them.

Various user interactions with backpack items are available, such as multiple selection by left-clicking and dragging, and item rotation by holding left-click and either right-clicking or pressing the ‘r’ key.

Furcifer provides occasional game tips, accessible by clicking on him.

Players signal their readiness for battle by clicking on the ‘Start Backpack Battle’ banner. Should players wish to halt the battle from commencing or make adjustments, clicking anywhere on the screen accomplishes this.

Phase 2: Battle

The Battle phase operates without direct user intervention, with battles being automatic.

Players have the option to adjust the speed of the battle using the battle speed bar.

By clicking on ‘Open Log’, players can access the battle log, which displays battle statistics and actions step by step.

During the Battle phase, players can also modify item locks for recipe combinations if necessary.

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Survival Mode & Rounds

During each game run, players go through alternating phases of the item shop and battle.

Players start with 5 Hearts at the beginning of each game run. When these Hearts are depleted, the game run concludes, either in loss or completion.

In total, players engage in 10 rounds of battling against opponent builds during a game run. Winning a round awards the player with a trophy. If a player manages to survive all 10 rounds, they are given the option to continue into Survival Mode.

Survival Mode extends the gameplay, allowing players to participate in up to 18 rounds.

Once the game run or Survival Mode concludes, the trophies earned are totaled and rewarded to the player. These trophies can then be utilized to purchase cosmetics for their character(s) at the Wardrobe.


In the game, item recipes initially appear grayed out, providing players with a challenge to discover them during gameplay. However, as players combine items to unlock recipes, the corresponding recipe items in the recipe page update and are no longer grayed out.

Players have the option to play blindly and figure out recipes themselves or consult the recipe list to expedite their progress.

For those seeking a quicker gameplay experience, the discovered recipe list is available in a thread, constantly updated by the game’s developer. This thread serves as a resource to view new recipes as they’re introduced into the game. It’s worth noting that no graphical recipe images are provided in this thread, as they’re readily available in other guides or through a simple online search.

Alternatively, players can access the recipe list via the game’s linked wiki page, which can be found on the game’s title page. These wiki pages provide comprehensive information on item recipes and transformations:

Here I end my guide. So, gear up, assemble your backpack, and prepare for an adventure filled with excitement and endless possibilities!

Last Updated on March 19, 2024

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