Starfield: What Are The Romance Options Guide

There has been confirmed news of romance taking place in Starfield on a much bigger scale than experienced with Bethesda Game Studios before. Todd Howard has talked of love being a key theme in the game, and the developers have briefly touched upon this topic in games like Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 3. 

The most romance so far has been seen in Fallout 4, and Starfield is set to take that even further. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand how romance will work in Starfield and which characters will be eligible.

Starfield: What Are The Romance Options

There will be four options for romance in Starfield, according to Todd Howard, and given the in-depth detail with which characters are being created, it is no surprise that the romance will be unlike what we have seen before. You will be able to have serious interactions and romantic relationships in Starfield.

When the Starfield Direct showcase happened, developers stated that “We have a number of companions, but four of them we go […] – I won’t say super complex romantic – but more complex relationships than we’ve had in terms of not just some state, like they like you or they don’t like you, but they can be in love with you and dislike something you did and be pissed at you temporarily, and then come back to loving you.”

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Todd Howard further explained that they devised a system where players can take part in a relationship and “We’ve committed to each other in some way, but I just did something that really made you angry and as opposed to just drifting out of that status you’re in a temporary ‘I don’t like what you did’ state.”

So, the essence of it is that there is not a “one-and-done” scenario, but players can remain in the relationship along with minor disagreements and fights, which is common in real-world engagements too.

Romancing Sam Coe

Sam Coe is an ex-space cowboy who can be located in Akila within Akila City. You have to invite him along as your companion but also keep an eye on the politics of the character as you go along.

Sam gives great importance to justice and order, which are most cherishable to him. That is why you may want to avoid going on a killing spree with him around Akila, as that will not give a good outlook. The best way to approach him would be to help out NPCs and take down pirates, as that would make his heart melt with time.

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Romancing Sarah Morgan

She is the head of the Constellation with a scientific curiosity. Sarah Morgan loves adventures, and that will help you in romancing her.

Sarah is heavily intrigued by the Artifacts, so looking for them, alongside investigating alien locations, is the major way of furthering your love interests with Sarah Morgan.

She also holds a rank in the Botany skill, meaning you can down that route of plants and gardens to turn on the charm.

Starfield - romance two

Starfield: What Are Other Romance Options and Sex Explained

The full list is not revealed yet, meaning players have to wait for the release of the game to find out. Depending on how players interact with the NPCs, the story of their romance will carry on in specific directions.

Noel and Matteo look destined for romancing characters in the Constellation. Vlad, Walter, and Barrett can be good choices, too.

Vasco has been a popular hit, too, with lead artist Istvan Pely stating that the robot was a big draw and is very fun and cool. So, the chances of the robot cultivating a relationship in Starfield can be a potential plan as well.

However, we do know that there will be no sex involved in the game onscreen. The Australian Classification Board has given the game an R 18+ rating given the interactive drug use.

Violence has been listed under “Strong Impact,” while Drugs get “High Impact” and Sex “none.” Nudity is shown to have a “Very mild impact,” given the focus of Bethesda on romance. The ESRB rating has hinted at some steamy dialogues like:

  • “Life is a sexually transmitted disease that’s a hundred percent fatal.”
  • “I’m all for getting a little wild, but next time, let’s try it without the jetpacks.”
  • “Talk about seeing stars, whew… that was amazing.”

A lot of stuff will get clear as the game releases and players dive straight into it, so make sure to keep ready. You will have a lot of good character-building and storytelling to experience in the buildup to your romantic sequences.

Last Updated on September 1, 2023

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