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Welcome, Balatro enthusiasts! Elevate your gameplay to new heights with our advanced tips and tricks guide. Uncover hidden strategies, synergies, and mechanics that will redefine your approach to this captivating game. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer hungry for success, join us on a journey to mastery. Get ready to outsmart your opponents and dominate the arenas of Balatro like never before. Let the adventure begin!

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Advanced Tips & Tricks For Balatro

Secure that inaugural victory! These tips are designed to refine your gameplay and boost your earnings significantly. Perfect for players with a bit of experience who are eager to delve into the intricacies of Balatro. This concise guide explores the deeper mechanics of Balatro, specifically tailored for those who have already engaged in a few matches and are aiming to triumph over Ante 8.

Play All Cards

Utilize every card at your disposal. Your discards are finite, and you consistently replenish your hand after playing. The number of cards played does not adversely affect your chip score, so feel free to employ that spare 2 to discard along with your four-of-a-kind aces.

Destroy Lower Value Cards

Enhance your draw efficiency by discarding cards with a value of 9 or lower. In this game, 10, J, Q, K are each valued at 10 chips, and A is worth 11. As late-game scores rely on multiplicative bonuses, including 7s and 8s can diminish your overall chip earnings. Additionally, having low-value cards hinders your ability to draw high-scoring combinations like A-high straights, high full houses, and high four-of-a-kinds.

Leverage Jokers wisely: Trading Card allows you to eliminate one card per round. Streamlining your deck by discarding low-value cards increases the likelihood of drawing hands with high-value cards. DNA enables you to duplicate one card per round, aiding in bolstering your deck with high-value cards.

Tarot cards also play a crucial role: The Hanged Man can destroy up to 2 cards, Death transforms a low card into a high one, and The Tower converts a low card into a Stone Card, earning bonus chips in non-5-card plays. The Hanged Man, especially, proves valuable during gameplay, assisting in crafting an optimal hand.

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Essential Components

Essential components for success in this game include +mult, Xmult, chips, planets, and tarot.

The game’s difficulty curve escalates rapidly, and the key to survival lies in swiftly multiplying your score. Successful runs typically incorporate all five crucial elements: +mult, Xmult, chips, planets, and tarot. Without +mult or chips, your Xmult lacks a sufficient base value for effective multiplication. The absence of Xmult leads to inadequate scoring in later antes, while the omission of planets results in significantly lower base hand values. Lastly, without tarot, your deck optimization for drawing high straights is compromised. It’s imperative to secure a well-rounded combination of these elements to thrive in the game.

Avoid aligning card bonuses with joker bonuses

Strive for a balanced combination of +mult, Xmult, and chips in your strategy. Pay close attention to the bonuses provided by your jokers and deliberately introduce opposing effects to your card selections. For instance, if your jokers primarily contribute +mult and Xmult, consider incorporating The Hierophant to augment bonus chips to your cards. This approach ensures a more diverse and effective utilization of your deck, optimizing your overall gameplay strategy.

Avoid forming attachments to specific jokers

Balatro presents numerous chances to entirely alter your playstyle. If a previously effective joker is no longer proving lucrative, invest time in rerolling at the shop to discover a more suitable replacement. Selling a joker isn’t a financial loss if it’s exchanged for a more advantageous option; it signifies an adaptive shift in your strategy. Be flexible and willing to evolve your deck to better align with your evolving gameplay needs.

Know Your Benchmark

Stay mindful of your benchmark performance in terms of chips and cash.

It’s crucial not to overlook the number of chips you’re earning per round and the cash you’re accumulating. Take note of the chip values generated by each hand during gameplay. This awareness enables you to make basic estimations of your performance, allowing you to gauge whether you are on track or facing challenges.

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For instance, if the boss requires 36,000 chips, and your straights currently score around 12,000 while pairs contribute approximately 2,500, it becomes evident that you might need 3-5 hands to surpass the blind. In such a scenario, it’s advisable to promptly focus on enhancing your score.

Additionally, keep a close watch on your cashing-out rate per round to maintain a comprehensive understanding of your overall performance. This information empowers you to make informed decisions and adapt your strategy accordingly.

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Save Money

Exercise financial prudence when you’re in a winning position.

When your benchmark performance is outstanding, such as consistently winning blinds with just one or two hands, it’s a favorable opportunity to be cautious with your spending. During these periods of success, consider saving money and allowing your interest to reach its maximum potential. This strategic approach helps you build a solid financial foundation, providing a buffer for future rounds and ensuring a more robust position in the game.

Play Non-Ideal Hands

Opt for playing non-ideal hands that cycle through a substantial number of cards.

Recognize the value of discards and strive to preserve them when possible, especially if you have a couple of spare hands. In situations where you draw a 3-4-5-6-7 straight, consider playing it. Despite not scoring optimally, it allows you to earn a decent number of chips, conserves a discard, and facilitates the cycling of five potentially better cards into your hand. This approach optimizes your card rotation strategy and can contribute to more favorable future hands.

Invest Money

Invest excess money in rerolls when you’ve exhausted other shop purchases.

Once you’ve depleted the shop’s stock of booster packs and vouchers, and you’re already maximizing your interest, consider spending surplus money on rerolling the shop offerings. Unused funds do not contribute to your progress, but discovering rare jokers through rerolls can significantly enhance your gameplay. Prioritize rerolls as a strategic use of excess cash to uncover valuable and potentially game-changing items in the shop.

Check Tags

Examine the tags for potential cash bonuses.

Tags provide benefits for bypassing a blind, including its associated cash-out and shop phases. Particularly in the late stages of your run, blinds with tags like Speed, Handy, and Garbage can yield more cash than playing the blind itself is worth. Take advantage of these tags to optimize your cash earnings and strategically skip blinds when the associated benefits outweigh the potential gains from playing them.

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Tarot Cards

Tarot cards prove most beneficial when your deck consists of high-value cards.

The primary advantage of tarot cards lies in their ability to enhance your draw by either elevating the value of mediocre cards or eliminating undesirable ones. When your deck comprises numerous potent cards, you increase the likelihood of leveraging cards like Death to transform a subpar card into a highly valuable one. The synergy between tarot cards and a deck rich in powerful cards enhances your strategic options and improves overall gameplay.


Prioritize purchasing standard boosters over tarot boosters in the shop.

When making shop purchases, begin with standard card boosters as they may contain modified high cards. By opening a standard booster first, you increase the chances of obtaining a valuable card that can then be duplicated or enhanced further if you subsequently draw a tarot booster. This sequential approach optimizes the potential benefits of your purchases and allows you to strategically leverage the contents of both types of boosters for an improved and well-rounded deck.

Suit Transformers

Exploit suit transformers to easily achieve flushes.

Utilize The Sun, The Moon, The Star, and The World, each of which can convert three selected cards to a specific suit. By keeping these cards in your inventory, you gain the ability to instantly transform a straight you are about to play into a straight flush. This strategic use of suit transformers allows you to enhance the value of your hands and capitalize on favorable card combinations during gameplay.

Selecting Planets

Efficiently select planets by assessing the hands you play most frequently.

Utilize the ability to check your run details, which provides insights into the hands you play most often. When investing in planets, allocate your resources wisely by concentrating on enhancing the two or three hands you consistently play. This targeted approach ensures that the improvements align with your preferred playing style, optimizing your overall performance in the game.

Thank you for reading! Share any additional tips or strategies you’ve uncovered in the comments!

Last Updated on March 11, 2024

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