Baldur’s Gate 3: Choosing Between Druids Or Refugees

This pivotal choice between Druids or Tiefling Refugees sets the tone for the entire journey through the RPG, impacting not only the immediate outcome but also future events.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of aligning with each faction and the various outcomes that arise from these decisions.

baldurs gate 3 druids x refugees

Who To Choose Between Druids & Tiefling Refugees In BG3?

The Crucial Choice

As you step into Baldur’s Gate 3, your first stop is the enigmatic Druid’s Grove, a haven for two distinct groups: the Druids led by Kagha and the refugees under the leadership of Zevlor.

Choosing which side to support becomes the crux of your early adventure, setting off a chain of events that leads to intriguing narratives and unexpected consequences.

Siding with the Refugees

For those who empathize with the plight of the refugees, multiple paths unfold to aid them. The most apparent approach involves rescuing Halsin, a prominent figure among the Druids, from the clutches of the Goblin Camp.

Eliminating the Goblin leaders allows Halsin to reclaim control over the Druids, ensuring the safety of the refugees as they depart the Grove, free from the pressures of both the Druids and the Goblins.

Another route involves exposing and confronting Kagha’s sinister agenda. A hidden chest within Kagha’s chamber holds a crucial meeting note, guiding you to uncover her collaboration with the Shadow Druids.

This revelation exposes the Grove’s impending isolation through a ritual intended for nefarious Druidic activities. You can safeguard the refugees’ future by persuading Kagha to forsake her alliances or directly confronting her and her cohorts.

kahga chest

Stealthy players may steal the ritual idol, halting the ominous Druidic ceremony. However, escaping the Grove after this daring feat poses a challenge; meticulous planning or invisibility potions can aid in a successful exit.

The idol’s potential to bring substantial monetary gains or to assist the refugees in subsequent acts adds an enticing layer of complexity.

For those inclined towards a more direct approach, engaging in combat and defeating all Druids, including Kagha, ensures the refugees’ safety.

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However, this strategy comes at the cost of alienating Halsin, a revered figure among the Druids.

Siding with the Druids

Supporting the Druids, on the other hand, entails a different array of choices and consequences.

They are rescuing Halsin and reinstating him as the Druids’ leader offering a path prioritizing cooperation and harmony between the factions. Unlike Kagha, Halsin holds a more open-minded stance toward the refugees.

Alternatively, aligning with Kagha but choosing to escort the refugees out of the Grove after eliminating the Goblins is another avenue to explore.

However, this decision demands careful timing; informing Zevlor about the escort plan before dealing with the Goblins triggers hostilities and forces a confrontation.

A Tragic Warning

One element players should be cautious of involves Arabella, a captive Tiefling child held by Kagha upon your initial encounter.

If left unattended, Arabella’s escape attempt ends tragically due to a venomous serpent bite, setting in motion a chain of events that leads to her parents seeking vengeance against Kagha during a later in-game event.

The Rogue Choice: Third Option

A tantalizing third path presents itself for those who reject both the Druids and the refugees. Venturing into the Goblin Camp without violence allows you to converse with Minthara within the Shattered Sanctum.

Acknowledging you as a “true soul,” Minthara requests the Grove’s location and proposes an alliance to conquer it.

evil lady

Players can align themselves with the Goblins by aiding Minthara in infiltrating the Grove and orchestrating its destruction.

This audacious decision comes at the cost of earning the disapproval of the refugees, Druids, Halsin, and Wyll, while potentially leading to a romantic involvement with Minthara.


Baldur’s Gate 3, from its initial stages, confronts players with a significant ethical dilemma – choosing between the Druids and the refugees in the Druid’s Grove.

Each choice has moral implications, intricate narratives, and far-reaching consequences that reverberate throughout the game. As you navigate this tough decision, remember that every choice shapes your adventure and forges your legacy in the captivating world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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