Destiny 2: Seasonal Challenges Week Two In Season Of Plunder

The journey of Destiny 2‘s new Season of the Plunder has got off to a strong start. Players are enjoying the pirate-themed gameplay alongside the new challenges and King’s Fall raids.

I was going through the Seasonal Challenges for Week One which are of a great variety.

That makes Week Two even more exciting with Cosmodrome, Lost Sector, and all the favorites involved.

I have compiled the following guide to help players in learning more about each challenge and how to best go about them. 

Destiny 2 - Seasonal Challenges Week 2

Destiny 2: Week two Seasonal challenges 

The game is renowned for giving a number of Seasonal Challenges every week. They aim to mix up the stuff that players experience and give all types of action-packed moments.

You will get huge amounts of XP and a mix of Repute, the currency of the season, or Bright Dust.

I found that Week Two’s challenges are not too hard to finish if players know what needs to be done as I have mentioned below. 

Antiquarian II

As we have already completed the first part of the challenge, the new one is also similar to a new addition.

  • The main task is the same of bringing another relic to the H.E.L.M. after demolishing a pirate outpost
  • You are required to keep it on the table in front of the Star Chart
  • However, before you do that, players will have to slay 250 Fallen across any battle
  • I made use of Scouts, Bows, and Hand Cannons so there will be a maximum amount of precision blows which give more progress
  • The Devil’s Lair, Expeditions, and Ketchcrash are the best places to go in order to finish the activity
  • You will receive Repute and 25,000 XP.

Seeker’s Cache I

This quest has two parts: finishing bounties on Star Chart and solving the Small Treasure Beacon present on the Star Chart. 

  • Players are tasked with finishing 15 bounties
  • You can take your pick from the Star Chart, Cosmodrome, Europa, Nessus, or Star Chart
  • The Star Chart missions are easier to finish or if you do not like Expedition and Ketchcrash, then head to Europa
  • The Small Treasure Beacon vendor award will be got at rank seven as you increase your Star Chart level by finishing Ketchcrash and Expedition activities

Now, this is where the challenge gets tricky as the puzzles take time. This is what you should focus on: 

  • Go to the Moon
  • I went to the K1 Revelation Lost Sector inside Sorrow’s Harbor
  • Get inside the chest and finish the Fallen S.A.B.E.R strike
  • Now I went to Eventide Ruins on Europa where there is the Public Event
  • Go to the east of the elevators on the RiisReborn path and you will bring up the loot
  • The reward from this is 12,500 XP.

Destiny 2 - Activities


A lot of action in this one as you have to use Submachine Guns to take down opponents.

  • 200 SMG hits are the goal and given that Ketchcrash and PvP reward more progress, you can go for it
  • Momentum or Control are good choices in Ketchcrash if you opt for the same
  • I used 900 RPM SMGs for the mission which should suit everyone well alongside Exotics like Riskrunner and Huckleberry 
  • The reward is 12,500 XP.

Expert Expedition I

You are tasked with finishing three Expeditions and collecting 25 golden Engrams from them as well. 

  • I made sure that I was able to collect the maximum number of Engrams every time
  • This would entail that you would be able to finish the Expeditions in the least number of tries which is three
  • I was also keen on keeping my Captain’s Atlas full so that I got the most prizes
  • The awards for completing this challenge will be Repute and 12,500 XP.
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 Cosmodrome events

There are a number of activities you can do inside the Cosmodrome which will earn you good rewards. 

  • There are 18 challenges you can complete in the Cosmodrome
  • I bought bounties from Shaw Han and went to Lost Sectors for getting some easy hits
  • I got lucky that there was a public event happening as well, and you can hit patrols too
  • The rewards from this challenge include 25,000 XP and 75 Bright Dust.

Anti-Cabal sweep

You are required to take down Cabal battalions and can earn more progress for finishing off more difficult opponents.

  • I headed to the Vanguards Ops playlist in battlegrounds which contain the most number of enemies
  • This will help in finishing the Pinnacle Challenge and then you can upgrade the Arms Dealer or Proving Grounds strikes before finishing this one
  • You will be rewarded with 25,000 XP and 75 Bright Dust.

Destiny 2 - Ketchcrash

Arc of History

Use Arc Damage to finish off Guardians and you will receive additional progress if they are blinded, opponents.

  • Arc Damage encompasses all supers, weapons, and abilities
  • I used an Arc Primary and the PvP playlist I am most well-versed with
  • Out of Bounds, Darkest Before, and Waking Vigil are some of the best Arc Primaries you can go for
  • 100 kills and the challenge is over
  • The rewards from this are 25,000 Dust and 75 Bright Dust.

Close-Range Calibration

You will need to calibrate all sorts of close-range weapons within the Cosmodrome. 

  • Get bounties from Shaw Han and head over to Lost Sectors and then the Cosmodrome
  • 200 kills is the goal and you can even get multi-kills
  • I used Glaives, Sidearms, and SMGs to finish this quickly
  • The rewards include 25,000 XP and 75 Bright Dust

Lost in the Legend

The premise is easy enough to understand: simply finish a Lost Sector activity on Legend or higher level. 

  • You will have access to Legendary Lost Sectors each day
  • You can choose whether to do on Legend or Master level
  • I tried competing for solo since it can give you an Exotic armor piece drop, but that is not a requirement
  • Additionally, you will need to clear the current Lost Sector for your character to enable it in the Seasonal Challenge
  • You will get 25,000 XP and 75 Bright Dust.

Bank, Kill, Repeat

As the name suggests, there are three parts to this challenge. 

  • You will need to get 250 points for the mission
  • I went to bank Motes which gave points alongside getting progress through Blockers and Guardian final hits
  • You should eliminate Blockers as and when they appear 
  • I went for PvP combat for their invading aspect, using Eyes of Tomorrow or Gjallarhorn 
  • You will get 25,000 XP and 75 Bright Dust.

Thus, that is all the information you will need for the Seasonal Challenges in Week Two. They are mostly straightforward, meaning you should not take much time to complete each mission. 

Last Updated on January 12, 2024

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