Cult Of The Lamb: Guide To Smuggler’s Sanctuary And What To Do

The area of Cult of the Lamb is not limited to the huge palace you live in and others owned by four Bishops.

You can discover and find many other fascinating places on the map, including Smuggler’s Sanctuary.

While this may seem like a deserted dock, there is more than what meets the eye. Even I was surprised by how much activity there is in Smuggler’s Sanctuary after reaching there.

You can spread your cult here alongside partaking in other stuff. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding how to go around Smuggler’s Sanctuary and how to best capitalize on the resources. 

Cult of the Lamb - Smuggler's Sanctuary

Cult of the Lamb: Getting to Smuggler’s Sanctuary

The foremost resident of the place is Plimbo the sailor. Players will come across Plimbo in the Anchordeep where he will tell you about the items he has for trade.

This is how the location will show up on your map for future use. However, coming to Anchordeep itself, there is not much to do except use gold to get some stuff and even Divine Inspiration from Plimbo himself. 

Cult of the Lamb: What to buy in Smuggler’s Sanctuary

Unfortunately, the dock has no seeds or wood that players will be used to before. However, it does have some benefits as I found out by traversing around: 

  • Stone Kiosk: As is the case with every place you go to, the Kiosk is the place from where you can buy follower forms. Of course, the kind will depend on how far you have progressed in the game
  • Blueprint Vending Booth: I found some cool blueprints of decorations and aesthetically-pleasing items here. However, they will not add to your progress but can better the Faith, Devotion, and life of cult members. 
  • Tarot Cards: You will find Tarot Cards after coming across them in the dungeon where you can get them till they are sold out. 

Cult of the Lamb - Meeting Plimbo

Apart from the stores, there are a few more things that players can do at Smuggler’s Sanctuary.

Additionally, the time of day and when you go to meet other creatures will influence the game. 

Plimbo has Red Crown pieces

Yes, you read it right. He has some quantities of Red Crown pieces, that can be used to form Eye of the Witness.

 Your power will increase and you will get better fleeces when visiting dungeons.

  • Usually, the Eye of the Witness is rare and gotten through slaying powerful bosses
  • Plimbo will get the information about them when you meet him and he will have four pieces to sell to you
  • I bought all of them to make a whole Red Crown that got me a great fleece for my future Crusades. 
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Wolf quests

The Wolf Follower Form can be got through Smuggler’s Sanctuary through these steps: 

  • Firstly, it has to be night, given that the Wolf comes up at this time
  • Go to the edge of the dock on your right and select “Peer Into The Darkness
  • Wolf will show up and want a sacrifice from you as has been the case before too
  • However, the demand will vary given how many times you have met the Wolf before
  • Once you complete the gnarly sacrifice, the Wolf will give you four Red Crown pieces and of course, the Wolf follower form. 

Crab Follower Form

One of the most well-kept secrets of the game that I almost stumbled on by chance.

The Crab Follower Form cannot be got through fishing or Anchordeep. It is only in Smuggler’s Sanctuary that it can be achieved. 

  • You will come across a small crab which is running on the docks 
  • Simply catch it and you will receive the eponymous follower form
  • The game does not give any hint regarding the presence of this follower form, meaning you will have to keep your eyes peeled 
  • Players will enjoy these little self-quests that have secret rewards. 

Cult of the Lamb - Getting Wolf Form

Visiting the Snail Shrine

Another secret follower form that you can get through Smuggler’s Sanctuary. The five Snail Shrines are spread across all places and you can visit them one by one. 

  • I had already got the five pieces of the shell through the Crusades and started spreading them around
  • Coming to the statue in Smuggler’s Sanctuary is one the left of the screen
  • You will find a snail on a pillar with glowing red eyes and it will definitely catch your attention
  • If you have the shell already, go and interact with the shrine and if it is the last one on your list, the Snail Follower Form will be automatically unlocked.

Thus, these are all the things that you can do in Smuggler’s Sanctuary. While in the beginning, it can seem a downer, the notion changes quickly as you discover more and more.

Plumbo will be a good asset, alongside getting possibly three Follower Forms, and definitely two.

I had a fun time discovering the various parts of the dock, and you should definitely try it out. 

Last Updated on September 2, 2022

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