Beyond The Wire | How To Be A Great Section Leader

Simple instructions on how to lead an infantry section in Beyond The Wire effectively as well as some fundamental class dynamics. 

In this tutorial, I’ll go over a few different fundamental and more advanced mechanics/advice on how to become a more effective infantry section leader (SL) as well as how to assist your section in successfully defending and attacking points.


How To Be A Great Section Leader In Beyond The Wire

Beyond The Wire is a 50v50 multiplayer first-person shooter that immerses players in the bleak & harsh conditions of the Great War and is set in the mucky trenches of World War 1.

A game that offers a wide variety of historical weapons, 10 sizable areas, ten playable factions, era-specific tanks, and a harsh melee combat system.

How to communicate with your section in an effective manner

The first and most crucial aspect of being an SL is communication. The worst thing you can do is not talk to your section since when SLs don’t talk to each other, the section frequently becomes disorganized and gets killed, therefore always give commands to your section when you think they are necessary.

  • No one likes an SL who is continuously negative, so keep morale high among your section when conversing by trying to remain pleasant and kind.
  • Encourage your department to share information and take appropriate action.
  • You must use both the intelligence from your section and your own efforts to scout using your binoculars, providing with a clear picture of enemy positions for your section.
  • Make sure to speak up while issuing orders to your section; doing so will help to build their confidence in you as the section leader.

What instructions to issue and how

Utilizing your knowledge and skills is what you should do after effectively communicating with your group. As an SL, you can use the following skills:

  1. Orders/callouts, such as “move to marker,” “attack marker,” and “enemy position markers”.
  2. Rallying site (a small but effective place-able spawn point for you and your section to spawn on). 
  3. Your section leader skills (An ability that will help you and your section during a push).

By holding down T and choosing the top left or right option, then clicking the options while aiming in the direction you want to place the marker, you can make the most of your orders and callouts.

These markers can be used to inform your section or to give them directions on where to move, attack, or defend, among other things.

The game will feel very rewarding/fun when employing skills in combination with your knowledge of the enemy and friendly positioning as well as your section adhering to instructions given by you.

  • Your choices must be appropriate for the map.
  • For instance, flanking is frequently a wise move in objective-based battles, but on maps with broad fields, your chances of being seen and shot dead by MG nests are great.
  • Try to come up with an unconventional strategy that the adversary won’t anticipate.
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Rally points are spawn places that can be placed, and they can be done by an SL once every two minutes. Think carefully about how you may utilize the rally point to receive an unending supply of troops driving the enemy from its position before placing the rally point in a safe region with decent cover close but not too close to a target.

  • You will receive a slight speed boost from your section leader ability (section charge ability), which might be useful for rushing objectives with your section.
  • In order to win the game, you must strive to provide commands that will both aid in eliminating the opposition and aid your squad in defending or attacking one or more objectives.

Collaborating with the command and other sections

Teamwork is the key to winning games in Beyond the wire, effective coordination with your commander and allying sections will aid you and your section in securing both kills and goals. The Commander radio, which may be set to a key of your choosing under control, is used for this.

  • The marking of a position for artillery, a smoke barrage, or chlorine gas can be important to a team’s advance, so if your leader asks you to do it, make sure to aid them. 
  • A commander will frequently ask you to alert your section over your section radio after he has deployed artillery, a smoke barrage, or chlorine gas on a marker.

It is crucial to tell your section of any information and requests coming from your commander and fellow SLs. Then, use this information to your benefit. It’s crucial to gather your fellow SL sections for pushes on objectives or to disperse your men for defense.

The command radio is a useful tool for gathering or distributing your team’s troops and can be used to make plans and pushes with other SLs.

Author’s Notes

In this section, I’ll make a few concluding remarks about this guide. If you’ve enjoyed it, I’d appreciate any feedback on how to make it better; if there are any comments, I might add more.

I sincerely hope this advice was helpful. I created this since I know the free weekend will draw in new players, and keep in mind that having fun and maintaining a laid-back attitude are the most crucial aspects of any game.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022

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