Destiny 2 – Defiant Key, Engram, and Battlegrounds Walkthrough

Today is the first day of the new season of Destiny 2: Lightfall. The Defiant Battlegrounds task three-man fireteams with taking on hordes of Cabal and Taken in a mini-Strike filled with champions, mechanics, and new currencies introduced with the coming of this expansion.

Along with this activity, we also see a new type of engram, and something called a “Defiant Key” which is an important currency in the game. In this guide, we will see the details of this battleground, the engram, and how you can get more Defiant Key.

Destiny 2 – Defiant Key, Engram, and Battlegrounds Walkthrough

 NOTE   If you enter the activity at a power level of 1770, your level will increase to 1760. Lightfall has a -5 power difference in place meaning that you will reach max effectiveness for this activity at that said level. Your progress can be impacted by your weapon, armor mod, artifacts, aspects, and fragments so keep that in mind while unlocking and equipping them.

How To Get Defiant Keys and Engrams

season of defiance

If you play and do activities outside of the Defiant Battlegrounds, you have the chance of getting Defiant Keys. This is a new kind of currency used to open chests at the end of Defiant Battleground. It will of course reward you with decent loot and other currencies as well. To get more Defiant Keys, do the following:

  • Lightfall missions 
  • The Terminal Overload activity in Neomuna
  • Crucible matches
  • Gambit matches
  • Vanguard Ops playlist activities
  • Raids

You can claim defiant keys from the season 20 tab of this expansion. You can also acquire these keys by upgrading and leveling up the war table. Increasing your reputation with the war table will help you get more Defiant keys as you progress through the content of this new expansion.

In order to get Defiant Engrams, you need to complete defiant battleground. You will get these engrams as a reward for completing the activity. One thing to note here is that these engrams do not take up your inventory space. You can find these engrams in the wartable rewards themselves.

Opening the wartable for the first time will help you get an engram tracker that tracks the number of engrams you own. You can spend two Defiant Engrams on armor or four on weapons if you unlocked the ability to focus specific weapons and armor pieces. You only have to pay for a random piece of gear from each pool.

Defiant Battleground Guide

destiny 2 lightfall guide

If you finish the first mission of Lightfall and visit Mara Sov on The Farm in the EDZ, you will be able to access Defiant Battleground: EDZ. You can access the playlists from the H.E.L.M. after you have completed the story version of the mission. The Defiant Battleground: EDZ is similar to other battlegrounds, but there are some new mechanics that are important to know.

The Defiant Battleground consists of three phases you need to take note of.

  • First, your task is to clear enemies as you make your way toward the Pyramid ship. Make sure to slay all of them and leave no one behind.
  • When you get to the platform beside the lake, multiple waves of Cabal will spawn repeatedly. Clear them out quickly, then walk across the lake until you reach the checkpoint.
  • Activate the portal, then venture into the Ascendant Plane to start the next leg of the mission.
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Once you enter the Ascendant Plane, make your way forward while eliminating the Taken in your way. This area will contain several traps so be mindful of them. Eventually, you’ll approach a group of Taken enemies. Enter the Blight Dome and attack the core until you destroy it, which will leave behind a big puddle of corruption.

Cleanse the corruption by interacting with it, and then, you can move forward. Next, you will have to defeat a Chimera Boss. Do the same cleansing mechanism to make the Chimera damageable and then take it out with all your forces. It is just a process of rinse and repeats until you slay the boss.

 NOTE There are two types of enemies, namely, overload and unstops here. The new mod system does not require you to equip champion mod. The seasonal artifact unlock feature is enough to help you with that. All you have to do is use your weapon type to get the buff once you’ve unlocked a Champion Mod. There is no cost to reset your artifact and you don’t have to worry about being locked out of the Battleground.

You’ll get to the final boss once inside the pyramid. You’ll still be cleaning corruption on the ground but the mechanics are slightly different. The enemies will come after the first chunk of the Warden’s health has been eliminated.

The Taken Anomalies will be on either side of the room if the Champion is killed. Killing the anomalies and picking up the essence they drop is what you have to do. The essence should be turned into an orb and chunked off a portion of the shield.

The shield breaks and the damage phase begins. After the second phase, you’ll need to go deeper into the room and clean up the mess. You will complete the mission if you repeat the process.

That is all the information I had to share in this Guide on Defiant Battleground, Defiant Key, and Engrams for Destiny 2. For more such content keep an eye on our Destiny 2 Guides Page. Until next time!

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Last Updated on March 2, 2023

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