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On Wraith, Specops is a player who uses the sword as his primary weapon in the game LEAP. I’ve been playing that class for over a year (since the pre-beta), and I’ll show you how to play it. 

They don’t have much health, and they don’t cause much harm either. However, when played effectively, they can win most 1v1 battles and are a lot of fun. I’ll describe how I play that class as someone who has been doing so since June 2020 in LEAP.

How To Play As Specops In LEAP

Specops Guide

Wraiths don’t have a lot of health, and the sword can’t out-DPS someone, thus if you just want to run in a straight line against a titan who can one-shot you, you’ll die if it takes you more than 6 seconds to kill him.

Always move throughout a fight. Try to be in the back of the opponent’s head or in a position where he won’t be able to shoot you. You’re dead if you don’t move, you’re dead if you’re too slow, and you’re dead if you’re easy to read.


Your best (and only) friend is the grenade. It takes a long time to kill someone with a sword alone.

That’s always entertaining, but when you can one-shot, it’s preferable to spend less time-fighting. You can use your grenade for this. The EMP grenade is, in my opinion, the best sword grenade.

Because the EMP destroys someone’s shield and explodes on impact, it’s an excellent grenade to employ to start a fight.

Make use of the cloak

The cloak is superior to Invi for that build in my opinion because you’ll get a significant speed bump. With a cloak, you’ll be able to quickly sneak behind someone’s back and pick your target.

As a result, you’ll always have control over how and when the conflict begins. A cloak is also useful for running away. 

Attack the target that is the most vulnerable.

If the target is alone and his health is low, slash him. If he’s fully alive, start the fight with a grenade and then fight with a sword. If the target is part of a larger group, don’t fight since it’s pointless and you’ll almost certainly die.

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Attack the one in the rear, as well as a Wraith or Path if you can. Don’t attack a titan if his entire team is present. Don’t attack a titan if he has a full life. And keep attacking until they’re all dead.

Use the reflect your advantage (Right-click)

Bullets can be reflected. However, it is unable to deflect rockets, flak guns, or grenades (explosive ammo) only when they come from directly in front of you. Because the reflect uses stamina, you won’t be able to keep it indefinitely. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Shots are reflected back at the opponent. However, don’t use it offensively; your opponent can simply wait for your stamina to run out.
  • Maintaining the Agro. You can just stay there and hope that your squad will save your @ss from those stupid Pathfinders that adore firing at you.
  • Defending yourself until you can reclaim your cloak and dash and flee.
  • To maintain a high level of pressure on someone. If someone tries to flee while shooting you, you can sprint in a straight path while keeping the reflect up, to get into sword range while dealing damage but not taking any.

Best Build

Energy Sword

Playing a sword class without a sword is ridiculous.

Scout LRR 

As a Specops, I believe the Scout is a superior sniper to the Deadeye. You can use it to do some quick damage when you can’t use the sword because you have greater ADS accuracy and a faster fire rate.


As I previously stated, the EMP is an excellent way to begin a conflict. That’s a nice combo with the ult because you can one-shot a Path’s bubble. Use the ult, then leave the EMP on the shield and relax. The frag grenade is another excellent option.

Fast Grapple

For the Augmentation, use a quick grapple.

Don’t use Triple Dash

You want to be the fastest because your mobility is your life. Except for the triple dash, all of the suit modules are fantastic. You might think the triple dash is fantastic, but the way the dash now works, it’s more of a nerf.

Thanks for reading my guide. If you found it helpful then leave a comment to let me know.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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