Destiny 2: Glaives Tier List for PvE and PvP

The Glaives in Destiny 2 have a special place of their own, and they can be really powerful if players make full use of them correctly. That is why it is vitally important to gain as much information about them as possible.

The following guide will help players know all about the different Glaives, along with the different tiers they fall into and their best roles.

Destiny 2: Glaives Tier List for PvE and PvP

There are five tiers into which all the Glaives can be divided into:

  • S-tier: It is the best group.
  • A-tier: This group has strong weapons, falling just under the previous tier.
  • B-tier: The average group that can still be used effectively.
  • C-tier: Not that strong or not even too weak.
  • D-tier: You should definitely upgrade from them as much as possible.
WeaponTypeElementTierStrong forHow to getCan it be crafted?
Edge of ActionGlaiveVoid


Exotic QuestYes
Edge of ConcurrenceGlaiveArc


Exotic QuestYes
Edge of IntentGlaiveSolar
Exotic QuestYes
PvE + PvPExotic QuestNo
PvEExotic QuestNo
Ecliptic DistaffGlaiveVoid


PvEPlaylist: PursuitNo
Greasy LuckGlaiveSolar


PvE + PvPGhost of the Deep DungeonNo
Judgment of KelgorathGlaiveSolar


PvEOperation: Seraph’s ShieldYes
Lubrae’s RuinGlaiveSolar


Vow of the Disciple RaidYes
Nezarec’s WhisperGlaiveArc


The EnigmaGlaiveVoid


PvEThrone WorldYes
Unexpected ResurgenceGlaiveArc


PvE + PvPTrials of OsirisNo

Now that we have defined the list let’s dive into the S-tier class of Glaives.

Destiny 2: What are the best Glaives (Updated)


Destiny 2 - Vexcalibur

It is a very defense-heavy weapon as the shield is great, stopping damage while also giving you and allies around you a Void Overshield. They are solid and can tank several strikes while you are in high-level difficulty situations. You can make a build based on the weapon using a Void subclass to be better.

Nevertheless, there are some problems too. The first one is that being a glaive, it is not too effective in a lot of different activities. The second issue is that Vexcalibur fills up your exotic slot, so you cannot bring in a different choice there.

Vexcalibur is pretty sturdy if you have a synergy in your loadout using the aforementioned Void subclass, but this is not too much of a popular choice anyways. It can be got through finishing an Exotic quest.

Judgment of Kelogorath

Destiny 2 - Judgment of Kalgorath

A master in PvE combat, Kelgorath should be used with the perks of Incandescent and Close to Melee for the last two columns.

The former gives synergy with Solar subclasses while the latter is a solid glaive perk in general. The main perks are a little tougher to choose, with Demolitionist being a great option but without proc on melee final blows.

Overflow is another option, but your best bet would be to switch to a different glaive weapon. It can be obtained via the Exotic Rotator Playlist.

Ecliptic Distaff

Destiny 2 - Ecliptic Distaff

A strong ritual weapon with Replenishing Aegis being the standout choice for column one, beating out Immovable Object. The final column can be done with the player’s preference since there is a wide array of options.

Close Melee is best for taking down enemies by the boatload. Destabilizing Rounds works well for players who want to focus more on strategy and readiness. Either of them will be solid for PvE through the middling levels.

However, this glaive will not be the favorite of players for too long as more and more glaives are rolled to become more effective. Ecliptic Distaff can be bought at the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower.

Greasy Luck

Destiny 2 - Greasy Luck

One of the best glaives in the game with Lead from Gold, Impulse Amplifier, and Replenishing Aegis, all great choices for the first column during PvE. Close Melee and Incandescent are great for the second column. For PvP, you can use Impulse Amplifier for the first column to improve the aim.

Unstoppable Force and Collective Action is great for the second column, but overall, you should go for a different weapon when it comes to PvP. Greasy Luck is on the stronger side of glaives, and you will get it from the Ghost of the Deep dungeon.

Unexpected Resurgence

Destiny 2 - Unexpected Resurgence

A very strong glaive with Close to Melee in the perks, making it a good contender for PvE too. You also have the chance to use other great perks like Voltshot, Subsistence, and more.

Since it comes from the Trials of Osiris, the weapon is solid for The Crucible too. Combining Impulse Amplifier, Surrounded, and Unstoppable Force will turn the weapon into the best glaive for PvP without a doubt. No doubt this is the best glaive in the game right now, and you can get it through the Trials of Osiris engrams and other rank-ups.

Destiny 2: How Do Glaives Perform Against Other Weapons in PvE and PvP


The most important thing to consider here is the time-to-kill factor; the lower it is, the better for players in the game. You would mostly opt for a one-shot weapon like a Shotgun, though glaives can be good if used well in the game.

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ShotgunsSN/AWith the introduction of fixed pellet spread patterns per archetype and the reverse of some not liked at all, Shotguns are finally back. Given the heavy positive changes, Shotguns are a popular choice among many PvP players.

Best Archetype: Precision (65 RPM) – Example: Matador 64

Sniper RiflesSN/ASniper Rifles are excellent currently. As the nerfs to Linear Fusion Rifles, it only makes sense that Sniper usage becomes more popular. These are weapons that come with aim assists and great perks, such as the Defiance of Yasmin or Beloved, Snipers are not going away anytime soon.

Best Archetype: Adaptive (90 RPM) – Example: Beloved

Fusion RiflesSUpwardsFusion Rifles have been the best at the meta for some time now. Fusions can take over close to medium ranges superbly, and a solid Fusion Rifle player can be extremely efficient no matter the range.

Best Archetype: Precision (780ms Charge Time) – Example: Main Ingredient

Linear Fusion RiflesAN/AThe special ammo Linear Fusion category is empty somewhat, but the two weapons, Arbalest and Lorentz Driver, are both extremely worthwhile. Although they have some deserved nerfs throughout Seasons 17-19, they remain a great option for many players looking for a long-range choice.
Trace RiflesBN/ATrace Rifles are not too popular and will not be all that effective. You should go for a Special weapon that can provide a one-hit-kill rather than something that can be beaten by a Primary weapon.

All Archetypes are 1000 RPM – Best Option: Coldheart

GlaivesBDownwardsWith the Season 19 buffs and hit registration improvements, Glaives can be a nuisance to come up against. They are outclassed by other mid/long-range options and useless at close distances due to their poor melee.

Best Archetype: Adaptive (55 RPM)- Example: The Enigma

Grenade LaunchersCDownwardsGrenade Launchers are annoying to face. They can be used in a swap loadout, but you should opt for a Bow like Le Monarque. Grenade launchers can tackle enemies but they are not as strong as Special Weapons.

Best Archetype: Lightweight – Example: Truthteller

Destiny 2 - different glaives


The DPS is very important during PvE combat; the better the DPS, the greater damage you can inflict on the Boss or Major.

Fusion RiflesSUpwardsFusion Rifles are the pick of the bunch right now. There were several options, and new ones have been added, such as The Eremite, with perk combinations that are insane, along with certain Exotic options like Merciless that make Fusion Rifles a safe option for either backup DPS or just general action play.

Best Archetype: Rapid-Fire (500ms Charge Time) – Example: Cartesian Coordinate

ShotgunsSUpwardsShotguns are a superb option. You can use them in hot-swap loadouts when paired with Tractor Cannon in a raid, and they stay strong at both clear and burst damage. Moreover, they can achieve some of the best damage combos since they are easy to use and have high burst damage, along with perks like One-Two Punch.

Best Archetype: Lightweight (90 RPM) – Example: Wastelander M5

Grenade LaunchersSN/AGrenade Launchers are versatile and an outstanding choice in almost all areas. Add control is got through Blinding Grenades or the Wave Frame archetype, along with solid boss damage in a ‘hot-swap’ build with Spike Grenades.

You should focus on getting a strong group of Grenade Launchers for top-level content.

All Breach Grenade Launchers share the same archetype

Sniper RiflesBN/ASniper Rifles are an average choice. They are still slow for most players and should be best used as a backup. They are more common in longer-range DPS scenarios.

Best Archetype: Rapid-Fire (140 RPM) – Example: Supremacy

Trace RiflesBN/ATrace Rifles are down a level after nerfs to the ammo environment. Go for a Primary weapon but Trace Rifles remain solid utility weapons and for players wanting to with double-special lodouts. They also have a couple of solid Exotic options.
GlaivesBN/AGlaives need you to become familiar and, when you are ready, give you huge levels of damage resistance. Nevertheless, there are risks if you use them without mastering them. Glaives are also one-dimensional. Nobody uses their melee attack, and that could be the most fun part of the Glaives.

Best Archetype: Adaptive (55 RPM) – Example: The Enigma

Linear Fusion RiflesCDownwardsLinear Fusion Rifles are only two out there. While Arbalest is definitely a strong weapon, it is not a must-have. And Lorentz Driver is not a serious contender for PvE. The archetype is not good enough anymore.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the different Glaives and how they fare against other weapons across PvP and PvE. You should definitely be using them based on the situation but make sure you are familiar with them first.

Last Updated on November 29, 2023

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