Destiny 2 – How To Begin The Wicked Implement Mission

Destiny 2 – How To Begin The Wicked Implement Mission – There is a secret Exotic mission in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Deep called the Wicked Implement. You and your team will need to defeat a little sequence of bosses within a specific period. 

You will have the chance to win the Wicked Implement Scout Rifle, which deals slow and spawn Stasis Shards for everyone. Players can also land their hands on the Wicked Implement’s Exotic Catalyst from Deep Dive. The following guide will help players begin this Exotic quest and how the perk functions.

Destiny 2 – How To Begin The Wicked Implement Mission

You will not find the Wicked Implement quest in your Quests tab. To begin, you will have to capture three Exotic fish from the ponds as given below:

  • Kheprian Axehead: E.D.Z.
  • Vexing Placoderm: Nessus
  • Aeonian Alpha-Betta: EDZ
  • Whispering Mothcarp: Savathun’s Throne World

You will have to submit these fishes in the aquarium of the H.E.L.M.’s that will give you a Broken Blade. Check the Tackle Box in your inventory menu for all the blades so that you will require three blades from the three fishes for your team.

Destiny 2 - Catching fish

Beginning the Whetstone Exotic Mission

You should start the mission with a known team since it is challenging. You have to turn on three Hive altars hidden around the level. Players will not have to finish any Pressure Trails to begin the Exotic quest. 

You will find them between the initial two Deep Dive quests, and turning them on will unlock the Exotic quest’s secret entryway. Interact with all three altars, and your Broken Blade will be the offering, followed by dialogue from Xivu Arath. That is why you will need three Broken Blades for the three altars. Here is where they are located: 

Altar 1: First Descent

It is present at the start of the Deep Dive. As you get down the rig to the ocean floor, a thin passage goes in two directions. Go down the right passage, and there will be a hole in the floor, with the altar hidden beside a pressure bubble.

Altar 2: Hidden Room

Once you find the maiden altar, get inside the building to the left side of the exit, which holds an altar.

Altar 3: Second Descent

There will be a thin ledge containing a pressure bubble, which is the last drop before the exit. Wal down the narrow ledge to your left, and the altar is at the end of the ridge.

Destiny 2 - Defeat taken

Once you have turned on all three altars and completed the second Deep Dive encounter, it gives a hidden entry point. Once you finish the second task, there is a waypoint present on your H.U.D. that takes you to another exit. 

Talk with the altars present within the waypoint, and it will stop the forcefield from destroying the nearby underwater part, meaning you can now begin the secret mission. Ensure you have the best loadouts, as you cannot change them once it starts.

Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – How To Finish the Whetstone Exotic Mission

You have to journey through two underwater parts that are not timed. Once you finish the initial one, players must take down a bunch of Taken enemies to go ahead with their Primary weapons.

Once players have completed the second mission, they will find themselves in a crowded room protected by Khull, Executioner Knight. It is impervious to damage inflicted, and you have to beat the Take Minotaurs. Every slain Minotaur will give you a stack of Deathly Sharp.

 Once you have three stacks, the big boss can take damage for 75 seconds. It will begin the D.P.S. part, and you must diminish a tiny amount of Khull’s health for it to fall back.

You will find a Pyramid entry point after Khull returns, so build up on ammo and power your loadout here. There is a timer for the subsequent encounter, and you must finish it within the set period.

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Defeating Khull, Executioner Knight

Players will have 10 minutes to finish the mission beginning with this battle. You will have to complete it within time, and you have to restart everything again. Get underneath the wall to start the fight; there will be many Taken enemies.

 Firre at the shard and defeat the Taken, which eliminates the forcefield. Empty the second room, and you will find a second Darkness Shard beneath the stairs. Inflict damage here and go up to meet the boss.

Khull will be present with an army of Taken. You have to defeat the three Taken Minotaurs to begin the D.P.S. phase, with two being hidden behind forcefields by firing at the floating Darkness shared in the middle. Every side has a group of adds with the Minotaur.

Defeat the adds initially, with the most vital enemies being the Hobgoblins on two sides of the arena. Use a sniper before taking down the Acolytes with a good Exotic Primary or Machine Gun. Defeating the last Minotaur will get you the most Deathly Sharp stacks. Now, you have 75 seconds to take it down, so use your Super, Heavy weapons and your abilities to reduce Khull’s health. The ads will not return after Khull dies, so clear the area.

Brutalize the Tormentor

Change your weapons or subclass now and use a Rally Banner before entering the maze.

Destiny 2 - Brutalize Tormentor

  • The maze is guarded by Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace, a Tormentor boss not affected by crowd control strikes.
  • It has a similar move-set to Tormentors present in the Lightfall campaign and Root of Nightmares raid, with a dangerous grab attack that can defeat you quickly so avoid getting caught.
  • Find walls you can move underneath, and it will confuse the Tormentor with the same goal of taking down three Taken Minotaurs.
  • They show up in the corners and break up your team to go left and right
  • Players going at it solo must move clockwise to get all three Minotaurs.
  • Use a precision weapon and inflict damage on its chest by grabbing its attention by going under the wall. Keep repeating the process for all three.
  • After you have an x3 Deathly Edge, the Tormentor heads back to the middle and is guarded by Taken Psions and Phalanxes.
  • You have 75 seconds to inflict damage, and their main area is the chest region, so go for Precision weapons.
  • Return and take down three more Minotaurs as your Deathly Edge stack goes. Keep on repeating the process.

Wicked Implement Perks and How To Get Exotic Catalyst

Destiny 2 - Wicked Implement Stats

Wicked Implement is a 180 RPM Stasis Scout Rifle with a Kinetic slot. The Exotic perk is Creeping Attrition, which enables it to load slow-inflicting rounds as you hit five precision hits, whether on different or separate enemies. You will turn on Tithing Harvest if you hit a precision kill with Creeping Attrition turned on. It will make a Stasis Shard at the enemy’s body, and if you grab Stasis Shards, they will reload your weapon.

Players will get the Exotic Catalyst through T7 reward chests in Deep Dive. The last reward chest will increase in tier if you finish encounters and Pressure Trials. You have to interact with hidden Toland orbs in every meeting, and all members must do this to begin the Pressure Trial. The Catalyst will give you a new perk to Wicked Implement, filling up the magazine with all the Stasis Shards you get. It is similar to Overflow, where getting up to a 30-round magazine at maximum stacks.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Wicked Implement hidden Exotic quest.

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