Disney Dreamlight Valley | Using time travel to get Dream Shards

In this brand-new life-sim adventure game, play as the heroes and villains from Disney and Pixar as you explore rich tales and create the ideal town. Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley. The only time you should use this guide is in an emergency! 


Time Traveling to get Dream Shards In Disney Dreamlight Valley

I hope you find this guide useful. Let’s jump right in!

Mother Gothels Quest

After the Glade of Trust Biome is unlocked, be careful with Mother Gothels Quest! If you don’t have 5 Dream Shards available in your inventory when you start the quest, you CAN NOT go into the tree home or speak to Mother Gothel!

If you do, the game will lock you out since every character, stall, and building will be closed off, rendering you unable to play it properly until you obtain the shards. Here’s what I advise you to do if you’ve already tried this and are still having trouble.

  • While it’s still unusual and extremely rare, feeding animals their FAVORITE foods have the potential to cause shards to drop.
  • Ten-night vines are intended to spawn once a day; wait for them to arrive and cross your fingers

Keep in mind that they are exceedingly difficult to find and that failure to obtain them could prevent you from playing regularly for up to a week. The developers have said they plan to enhance shards, in known issues, but we don’t know when that will happen, so you’ll simply have to wait.

Unlock the new biome to obtain access to the new Night Vines in that location. If you’ve finished unlocking and clearing everything you can, for the time being, you may use your furniture tab to transport your good teleport around the planet to be placed on the side that is blocked off by bridges so you can try those night vines for a chance at more. This is quite beneficial!

Difficult and perhaps disastrous, but if you’re desperate, you can time travel as I did.

Guidelines for time travel both before and after

WARNING: Time travel is currently quite dangerous, so even if you follow these steps, you can run into issues where your plants, rocks, herbs, and mushrooms, among other things, freeze and become unharvestable or fail to respawn at all.

You should only do this at your own risk because glitches may still exist until these problems are fixed. If you’re stuck on the Cursed mission and unable to continue the game, you should only utilize this in an emergency. You should be able to accomplish this for switch and PC users by simply switching your time setting from automatic to manual. 

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Important: Complete the following before logging out of your current save!

Remove ALL crops. Absolutely nothing should be sown; otherwise, it will freeze before it can be harvested. Don’t take anything from the earth that will reappear, such as fruits, shrubs, mining rocks, or herbs. BEFORE moving forward in time, let everything spawn in.

If time travel is tampered with, all of these will become bugged. To allow everything to respawn before time travel, I’d suggest simply going AFK for a while. Change your time after you’ve logged out and verified that everything has spawned in.

I suggest starting with the mornings or afternoons and moving on to nighttime if you don’t see any night vines. If not, move on to the following day and repeat the process. It may take some time because there is only a little possibility to obtain the shards from night vines, which only sprout ten every day.

When the time changes, be careful to log out and start your game over. It’s crucial that you continue to not touch anything in the future when you’re ahead. And by anything, I mean. You are simply there for the vines; don’t harvest or Mine anything.

They won’t respawn much longer, so if you mess up and return to normal time, you’ll miss them.

Keep doing this until you have all the shards you need to complete the task. When it’s done, you can log out, save, and reset the clock in your game. You should have little issues with your harvests if you followed my suggestions, and you may resume playing normally.

  • If you find anything is not spawning or cannot be harvested after returning to normal time and you are in dire need of this item, you can time travel ahead once more using the same techniques to obtain that item.
  • Make sure the time is the same as or later than the previous time you traveled.

When absolutely necessary, like in this cursed quest, time travel should be performed. Otherwise, I do not advise the risk! Good fortune!

Last Updated on September 26, 2022

6 thoughts on “Disney Dreamlight Valley | Using time travel to get Dream Shards”

  1. I wish I found this yesterday 😢 I jumped forward in time and now I can’t pick up mushrooms and a lot of other things are messed up like I fish bubbles not really showing up or sticks not spawning as much. Hopefully it will fix soon or I’ll just try what u said.

    1. Hi! I found this page too late😭 is there any way to fix this broblem? I’m sorry If you already explained that, english is not easy for me🙈

      1. Best course of action would be to wait until the developers fix the problem. Or you could go through my solution and hope it goes away. If it doesn’t work then sorry, right now I don’t have anything else to offer. If, perchance, I come across anything I will let you know through the comments section soon. Good luck!

    1. The Glade of Trust region, close to Mother Gothel’s House, is where you can discover the Red Mushrooms. If you walk around Mother Gothel’s house, which is located inside the tree in the centre of the Glade of Trust region, you’ll see various shining objects on the ground. You must locate three of the red mushrooms surrounding the tree in order to obtain the shining goodies.

      Find the red mushrooms around the tree and gather them so you can make the enchanted ring that will revive Kristoff’s memories.

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