Destiny 2: How To Get Defiance of Yasmin and God Roll

The King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2 brought back several weapons that players have been using ever since with the Defiance of Yasmin being one of them.

It is a Legendary Sniper Rifle that will be present in your Kinetic slot. You will be able to take down Guardians fairly well with the rifle with the help of some great god roll.

That is why you should definitely keep it handy during several PvP and PvE encounters. In that regard, the following guide will help players in getting the Defiance of Yasmin and equipping the best god rolls. 

Destiny 2: How to get Defiance of Yasmin Legendary Sniper Rifle

Players will get the weapon via the King’s Fall Raid but the Fireteam should be heavyset as the weapon is only available via the Warpriest, Daughters of Oryx, and Oryx. You will also be able to receive it through the unlocking of secret chests in the Raid.

Nevertheless, you will need to have collected it before it already. After you finish the last encounter, players can use 20 Spoils of Conquest to get the Defiance of Yasmin after defeating the final boss as well.

Destiny 2 - Defiance of Yasmin stats

Destiny 2: What are the best god rolls of Defiance of Yasmin 


This god roll should be geared for boss DPS as it will be the most helpful in current circumstances. Arrowhead Brake is the best choice for the barrel option across genres of weapons due to its ability to lessen Recoil and Better Handling.

Since you will attack bosses left and right, this barrel will be your go-to option. Tactical Mag is the ammunition perk to go for, as it enhances your reloading for increased damage infliction.

The perk for the third column is Ensemble as it increases Handling (+30) and Reload (+40) as you will be around your team members.

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It also mixes very well with the last perk which is the Firing Line which will inflict 20% extra precision damage as you are besides two or more Fireteam players.

As long as you have the full team, there will be damage during boss fights which combines nicely with the improved reload speed. 

Destiny 2 - Defiance of Yasmin harrowed


The Arrowhead Brake remains the same due to its overwhelmingly positive attributes. The Accurized Rounds are the ones you should opt for in PvP as the range of Defiance of Yasmin is not good.

This is the main reason why Accurized Rounds is the best choice but you can also play around with the barrel with Corkscrew Rifling or Smallbore being solid options as well.

The third column perks are Snapshot Sights which is an all-time classic choice. It heavily enhances aim-down sight (ADS) which is even more powerful for sniper rifles.

It also pairs very well with Opening Shot that has greater accuracy and range for each first shot you will take. The improved range is something that will definitely help in battles. 

Thus, that is all the information players will require when it comes to the Defiance of Yasmin sniper rifle. It is not the greatest weapon in its category which you will encounter and there are some better choices that players can go for in the end.

Nevertheless, the god roll of Defiance of Yasmin will make it a more than reliable option for a lot of scenarios.

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Last Updated on April 7, 2023

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