DREDGE | Where To Find The Hooded Figures?

This guide shows where to find the four hooded figures and what fish they want in Dredge. The enigmatic hooded figures that can be located throughout the islands will ask for three specific fish and will reward you with a book upon delivery.
On the game’s map, their coordinates are in brackets immediately following their name. If you do not complete their tasks within a certain length of time, they will perish and you will not be able to obtain the book.
However, as long as you confirm their deaths, this will have no effect on the applicable pursuit goal.

How To Locate The Hooded Figures In Dredge?

The Hooded Figures

Red Figure (14-L)

  1. Cusk Eel (Volcanic, Devil’s Spine),
  2. Sailfish (Marrows, Day)
  3. Frilled Shark (Devil’s Spine)

Gives Nautical Engineering.

Violet Figure (10-E)

  1. Tarpon (Twisted Strand, Shallow, D/N)
  2. Horseshoe Crab (Twisted Strand, Crab Pot)
  3. Barreleye (Stellar Basin, Abyssal, D/N)

Gives Pushing The Limit: Engines.

Blue Figure (7-M)

  1. Blue Mackerel (Coastal, Marrows, Day, Rod Trawl)
  2. Tiger Mackerel (Coastal, Gale Cliffs, Day, Rod/Trawl)
  3. Snake Mackerel (Coastal, Devil’s Spine, Day/Night, Rod/Trawl)

Gives Haggling and Bartering: A Guide.

Gold Figure (2-K)

  1. Red Snapper (Coastal, Stellar Basin, Day, Rod/Trawl)
  2. Fangooth (Abyssal, Stellar Basin, Day/Night, Rod)
  3. Blue Crab (Stellar Basin, Pot)

Gives Advanced Fishing.



Do you know how long that “a set amount of time” is or when the timer starts? It would be really helpful to know whether the mission timer starts when you first engage with them or when you start the game.


I’m not sure, but someone I know said it was at least ten days. I can assure you that they will be present when you first interact with them. I can certainly confirm that they don’t die as long as you don’t interact with them, and the blue figure lived for more than 10 days before dying (at least for me). I’m just not sure how many days.

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I believe you must speak to them one by one; I recall checking gold and red and finding them alive before feeding blue, but when I went to feed gold and red, they perished. Oh, and another time I just discovered the blue ones dead after catching the fish. If only the game had stated it. Nothing else has a time limit like this.


Hey, I died after feeding him an aberration and not returning for a long time; I’m not sure what killed him. But it’s probably the only book I miss.


I don’t think giving him an aberration would make a difference because employing aberrations in any other task has no effect on the outcome. The figures’ quests, on the other hand, are the only ones that may be failed with time, and I never fed them an aberration.


Are you certain they always want the same fish? Isn’t that a random number? Can someone confirm if the Steam achievement of completing all quests still applies if a figure dies?


Even if a figure dies, the achievement is still unlocked. I had two figures die in my run and still achieved the award. I’ve delivered the identical fish to them in two different files, and yes, as long as you finish any pursuit, one way or another (for example, you lose a character you were supposed to ferry to a given spot overboard), it still counts as done even if it’s crossed off in the chase window.

Last Updated on April 8, 2023

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