Destiny 2: Season of Defiance – How To Get All The Lightfall Gear

The newly released Season of Defiance for Destiny 2 is out now with the Lightfall expansion also available. There are several quests and missions for players to dive into straightaway including new weapons, subclass, and titles.

One of the most eagerly sought-after titles is the Virtual Fighter Title which will require the completion of the Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph. While this particular Triumph may seem straightforward, there can be several challenges you face.

The difficulty is compounded by the fact that players will have to go through the Lightfall campaign by playing on Legendary difficulty as well. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding how to collect the Virtual Fighter Title through the Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph.

Destiny 2: Season of Defiance – How to collect all the Lightfall Gear

The way to go about finishing the Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph is that players have to collect all the gear present and attached it to Neomuni. Players can keep an eye on their progress in this quest by checking the Collections page which houses the Neomuni Badge. We have listed how to get all the available Neomuni Gear in Lightfall of Destiny 2. 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Neomuni Triumphs

Winterbite Exotic Glaive

Players will be able to get the Winterbite Exotic Glaive by finishing the Strider quest

Basso Ostinato Legendary Shotgun

You will get the Basso Ostinato Legendary Shotgun from drops of Terminal Overload

Foremost Vimana Exotic Ship

You will have to reach a score of 1400 or more through the Neomuni Triumphs. The current score will show up when you check the associated page.

Synchronic Roulette Legendary Submachine Gun

This SMG is received from the drops of Terminal Overload.

Sanctuary of Nefele

Finish every Lightfall mission while being on Legendary difficulty. 

Volta Bracket Legendary Sniper Rifle

Players will get the Rifle after finishing all Lightfall campaign missions

Scintillant Trajectory Shader

Once you reach Rank 24, Nimbus will give you this. 

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Final Warning Exotic Sidearm

The completion of Final Strand quest will reward you with this. 

Terminal Circuit

Start the Terminal Overload activities from the map page to unlock Terminal Overload chests at the end of it. 

Circular Logic Legendary Machine Gun

Once again, players will get this from the drops of Terminal Overload

Thunderhead Bond, Cloak, or Mark

You will receive them from Nimbus

Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun

The finishing of the Unfinished Business Quest will get you this gun. 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - All gear

Round Robin Legendary Hand Cannon

Players will have to finish the …To Hero quest

Thunderhead Cover, Mask, or Helm

Once you reach rank 27, Nimbus will give you these. 

Dimensional Hypotrochoid Legendary Grenade Launcher

You will have to go through Lightfall campaign missions and finish them. 

Thunderhead Gloves, Grips, or Gauntlets

Nimbus will hand these over to you. 

Thunderhead Boots, Strides, or Greaves

Nimbus is the NPC to talk to regarding these. 

Phyllotactic Spiral Legendary Pulse Rifle 

You will receive this from the completion of the From Zero… quest. 

Thunderhead Robes, Vest, or Plate

Nimbus is your point of contact again for all Thunderhead-related stuff. 

Iterative Loop Legendary Fusion Rifle

Players will get this from finishing Lightfall campaign missions

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to all the Lightfall gear available with Neomuni. Once you go through each one of them and gather the rewards, you will be given the Virtual Fighter Title. Follow our Destiny 2 page for all the latest updates, fixes, go-to guides, and more every day for the best news.

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

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