Digimon Survive: Choosing Between Shuuji Or Minoru In Part 5

The gameplay of Digimon Survive has players making some difficult choices throughout the game. It is all the more important given that every decision of yours will have some impact on the progression.

You will encounter several moments of decision-making that can have good and bad consequences for the player party. While some can end up with characters getting hurt, in other, they can even end in loss of life.

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Therefore, it is important that players take time to decide anything in the game whenever a situation arises, especially where there are only two options.

One such situation comes in Part 5 where players have to agree with either Shuuji or Minoru on whether Haru and Miyuki can join the group. The following guide will help players in understanding what impact their decision can have. 

Digimon Survive - Shuuji or Minoru

Digimon Survive: Agree with Shuuji or Minoru?

First things first, the decision to side with either Shuuji or Minoru will have no significant impact in the game. Shuuji’s point of view is that the underground waterway is too dangerous for Haru and Miyuki.

Even if you choose his logic, Aoi and Minoru will automatically change your decision which means that Haru and Miyuki will accompany the group on their journey on their next quest in the game. 

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On the other hand, there is the perfect logic of siding with Minoru after poor mental health and bad treatment of Lopmon meted out by Shuuji.

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Minoru will advocate letting the siblings pair join the group as it will be safer with more people in a group rather than their school by their own. However, will it turn out as they are planning will depend on how the story progresses. 

Digimon Survive - Waterway

Once players exit from the school, the whole group finds itself in a forest as the tensions between Shuuji and the group once again surface. Additionally, Minoru and Kaito are almost on the verge of fighting against Shuuji, while Saki will give a scathing indictment of the trainer’s behavior in recent times.

However, they will still be able to function cohesively until they reach the entrance of the aforementioned underground waterway. The journey beyond will be filled with dangers and intrigue as they go through for the next part of the story. 

Thus, that is all players need to know about whom to agree with between Shuuji and Minoru in Part 5. Unlike some other consequences-filled decision, this one is in a lighter tone. This is because both the choices will lead to the siblings joining the group in the end. 

Last Updated on August 1, 2022

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