Digimon Survive: Choosing Between Kaito Or Unknown Woman In Part 3

The addition of a new game in the Digimon franchise has awakened the fan in every player. The tone and feel of the game have been solid so far, with the immersive gameplay making it a critical success in the opening days.

Digimon Survive has players considering many different endings, alongside having a choice-based system of play throughout the main journey.

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The first major point of choice comes in Part 3. Players have to select between trusting Kaito or the unfamiliar woman who turns up after Miu goes missing.

While this seems like a straightforward choice, the woman will be able to convince some characters of her likeness, with Kaito’s behaviour doing no favours either. In that regard, the following guide will help players in choosing between the pair. 

Digimon Survive - Kaito or Unknown Woman

Digimon Survive: The prelude

Once you have finishing talking with everyone present, players will be asked to make the choice. While there is a small impact, the two separate paths will rejoin quickly without any major repercussions.

However, if you do go for Kaito, there will be more consumable items alongside making the next battle a little better. Nevertheless, these are still very minor advantages. 

Digimon Survive: Choosing Kaito

If you go with Kaito, the whole group follows after him into the forest where they come across Haru and Miyuki. You will have access to some special conversations between them alongside picking up more consumable items in the area after scanning with your camera.

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You will also find a cutscene of the unknown woman attacking the other members of the group. Therefore, you will be joining them soon as Miyuki will come across the stranded cable car present some distance away.

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Digimon Survive - Unknown woman cable car

The fight that ensues will be fought between Arukenimon and a group of Dokugumon, but the former is the main adversary. You will have Agumon and Dracmon plus one more, but none of the Digimons locked inside the car. After defeating Arukenimon, the group will escape and the story takes on the singular path again. 

Digimon Survive: Choosing the unknown woman

Players going for the unknown woman will see Kaito go off alone as Haru and Miyuki follow him. You will follow the main group till the cable car station, where a Karma-related question will be asked.

Once answered, the whole group is riding the cable car, but you will stuck inside it as the unknown woman attacks Kaito and co. Only Dracmon will be used in this regard, but there is the option of using two more Digimons you have befriended.

The battle will depend on how will the Digivolution has taken place and whether they have leveled up. However, it will not be a very big challenge either ways.

Thus, that is all players have to know about making the decision of whether to join Kaito or the woman at this juncture. As mentioned above, the two stories converge soon enough so it will not be too impactful either ways. 

Last Updated on August 1, 2022

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