Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Recruit And Befriend Critters

The early access period of Disney Dreamlight Valley has seen a lot of new features being introduced into the game. One of the game’s most exciting aspects is the various critters present with whom you can strike up a close bond.

Players can feed, pet, and enlist critters to travel with them. You will also get more Dreamlight that helps get castles, items, and biomes. The journey to befriend a critter begins by giving it food, and Pua will assist you with another quest and more partners along the way. This will provide a fun and cute color to the game overall.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Critters

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to feed the critter

Players who come across critters will see a reaction from them. This reaction can be of four types, and how they react will enable you to decide your next steps: 

  • Wait. Some critters pause before moving around and allowing them to feed. Ravens move in circles over your head so wait for them to complete while Sea Turtles remain within their shells, which means you will have to stay around them until they show their faces. 
  • Red or Green Light: The critters in this category will have two positions: approach and not approach, respectively. So, you will need to observe them and approach them when it is green.
  • Raccoons have to be seated before you go to them, and not when they stand while feeding is when their mood is relaxed.
  • When it comes to crocodiles, move to them as their heads are down while stopping when they raise their heads. You can feed them as they go down.
  • Straightforward approach: This is the easiest with squirrels and sunbirds, letting you feed them immediately whenever you come to them. 
  • Follow: Players must go after critters like foxes and rabbits once they spot them before feeding them.

Once this stage is precise, players can interact with it. There are several food items you can feed critters from your Inventory. At the same time, each critter has a favorite food, but making them your buddies is not necessary.

Players will know if they are giving the critters their most liked food if a Purple Friendship Star comes on. This has advantages like extra Dreamlight Duties, giving you more to spend in the game. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Critters food

Dreamlight Dream Valley: What are the favorite foods of critters

Foods do not change for the different colors of creatures, except for Sunbirds. Here is the complete list: 

  • Raccoon (Black, Red, Blue, White, Classic): They like raspberries, and their favorite is blueberry.
  • Sea Turtle (Purple, White, Black, Brown, Classic): You can feed them clams or scallops, but the best way would be seaweed
  • Crocodile (Golden, Red, White, Blue, Pink, Classic): They love herring and squid, while the most liked is lobster
  • Squirrel (Grey, White, Red, Black, Classic): The favorite would be peanut and apple work. 
  • Rabbit (Calico, Black, White, Brown, Classic): Carrots are the universal favorite, while lettuce also is good. 
  • Raven (Red, Blue, Classic, White, Brown): 5-star meals are the best, but 3-star and 4-star meals could also work.
  • Fox (White, Classic, Black, Blue, Red): White Sturgeon is what players should ideally have, while salmon is another good choice.
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Coming to the Sunbirds, they have different likings based on variants: 

  • Red: The favorite would be Red Bromeliad, while Red Flowers are also fantastic. 
  • Orchid: Orange Houseleek is the way to go, but Orang Flowers also works. 
  • Emerald: You can use green flowers, but Green Passion Lily would be the best.
  • Turquoise: Pink Flower is a great choice, but the best is Pink Houseleek
  • Golden: Sunflower is the favorite, and players can also choose Yellow flowers

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Critters types

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get Critters as Companions

Players have to feed critters two or three times, but given that you can only do one type once a day, you will have to come back and feed them again after a whole real day has gone. Do not try feeding it again on the same day, as the food disappears. Keep feeding critters every day until you reach Companion level by bettering friendship, and you may even get items from them. 

You can go into the Critters tab under ‘Collection‘ from the main menu to see whether they are Companions or not if they are highlighted. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to equip Companions and change them

The companion menu is in the Companions tab inside Inventory (Wardrobe). Just click on the pictures of the critters, and you have the critters ready to accompany you. Switching between them is also easy, with players only needing to click on a different critter.

The critters will not follow you into the main castle but are only available in the Valley. Thus, that is all the information you will need when it comes to making friends with critters and having them as Companions. It is an easy and cute process that will have them become faithful to you in no time. 

Last Updated on January 18, 2023

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