Destiny 2: Season Of The Seraph – All Week Seven Challenges

The ongoing Season of the Seraph has entered week seven, meaning there will be loads of challenges for Destiny 2 players. The Seasonal Challenges this time are some of the hardest, meaning you will have to bet at your competitive best.

The rewards are equally outstanding, meaning you should take on the challenges well. While some will take up a lot of time, they can be easy to enter, or you may have already done them retroactively. That is why it is essential to know how to complete the challenges for the big awards. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph week seven

Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph – Week seven seasonal challenges

Fleeting Glory

You will have to finish Crucible matches which are present in the Competitive playlist, and you will earn more progress for victories. Players are advised to collect the Competitive PvP quest for all the characters from Shaxx, and you will be getting the Rose Hand Cannon. Players will receive three copies of the weapon for three characters. Use your Pulse Rifle to get along with the team; around ten matches will be enough to complete this Challenge. 

You will get 100,00 XP and 300 Bright Dust for completing this. 

Heist Battlegrounds VI

A retroactive challenge that you may have already done. Players must finish 35  Heist Battleground missions and take down 200 enemies using the seasonal or IKELOS weapons. That is why as long as you are going hard at the Heist Battlegrounds as much as possible, it will be great to have it completed soon enough. 

You will get 50,000 XP and an Exo Frame Module as the rewards. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph Title week seven list

Down To Size

This Challenge has the use of three weapons which have a specific set of skills that you have to achieve while playing matches in Gambit. The weapons and kills are: 

  • Glaives: 60 kills
  • Linear Fusion Rifles: 30 kills 
  • Trace Rifles: 100 kills

Despite Guardians giving bonus progress, PvE opponents will be the best way to go. Trace Rifles are great if you have the required ammunition, while Glaives are anything you can choose from, and Linear Fusion Rifles users should go for the head via Special Finisher. 

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You will be earning 15o Bright Dust and 50,000 XP as a result.

Legendary Heists

Players have to finish the Legendary category of the Heist Battlegrounds. It is best to approach this with the help of a team, but solo users can also go for it. We explain how below: 

  • Titan: Go with Striker using Heart of Inmost Light. Make full use of Storm Grenades and either Well of Life or Well of Tenacity to keep your health reserves up. 
  • Hunter: Go for Assassin’s Cowl with Arcstrider. The One-Two Punch Shotgun racks up enemies quickly and is a heavy weapon for the last boss. 
  • Warlock: Avoid Stormcaller while Dawnblade has superb DPS using Starfire Protocol; Shadebinder will freeze everyone using Bleak Watcher and Voidwalker alongside Devour. You can choose any of the three. 

You will get 25,000 XP for this challenge. 


You will have to finish a Nightfall strike on Grandmaster’s difficulty level. The enemies are up at 1620 Power Level, but the best would be for around the 1580-1600 range. It will still be challenging, but a great team of bandmates should see you through at the end. 

You will be in line to receive 300 Bright Dust and 100,000 XP. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph week seven challenges

More Than A Weapon VII

The seasonal quest for Season of the Seraph. You will have to take down five Fallen and/or Hive bosses across any activities. You will also be well served to have “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” as you will also progress in earning the Catalysts for Revision Zero alongside Hive and Fallen’s last bosses. 

You will get an Exo Frame Module and 50,000 XP. 

Seasonal Shaping II

You will have to take a weapon past Level 10. An IKELOS weapon or a seasonal weapon will be superb to go with. Get on Last Wish and go through the Shuro Chi checkpoint, which will be good. Thorne World Lost Sectors and Grasp of Avarice dungeons are great options as well. 

You will receive 25,000 XP upon completion. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding week seven of Season of the Seraph. Granted, the challenges are a lot more difficult this week, but players can also relish that they will be receiving some solid prizes along the way. 

Last Updated on January 19, 2023

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