DNF DUEL- Resolution Issues And Screen Tearing Fix

In DNF DUEL you get action-packed combat at its finest! As your favourite character from the famous Dungeon and Fighter franchise, enter the brand-new beat ’em up realm of Arad!

This guide gives a fast remedy for some of the resolution problems the game has, along with advice on how to stop the screen tearing. I’ll provide you with Basic Fixes for Resolution Issues & Screen Tearing in this article.

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Simple Solutions for Resolution Problems and Screen Tearing In DNF  Duel

This is action-packed combat at its finest! Dungeon and Fighter, one of the most played and well-known RPGs in the world, is now available as a 2.5D action fighting game. Choose from 16 endearing characters, all of them have unique talents and personalities.

Defeat your opponents by outwitting, outperforming, or outright beating them up to become the Ultimate Will’s master! The renowned classes from the vintage Dungeon and Fighter RPG are masterfully reinterpreted in DNF Duel.

Each character’s trademark features have been emphasized and revised, whether it be the sneaky Ranger’s lightning-quick and showy gunfire or the crazed Berserker’s unrestrained raw might.

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Resolution Repair: Technique 1

Simply follow the instructions below to alter the DPI scaling as a first option:

  • Open your library after starting Steam.
  • Right-click DNF Duel
  • Select Manage.
  • Choose the Browse Local Files button

This will lead you to the site where DNF Duel is set up. Then, carry out the following:

  • Right-click DNFDUEL.exe.
  • Choose Properties
  • Select the Tab for Compatibility.
  • Change high DPI Settings by clicking it.
  • Verify that the Application option is chosen in the bar below and look at the Override High DPI scaling behaviour.
  • Input OK.
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Check if the problem has been fixed by launching the game once more.

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Solution: Second Approach (Optional Screen Tearing Fix)

We modify the engine using this technique in order to improve internal resolution. The screen tearing problems that might be present in your game can also be fixed optionally with this.

  • Press your keyboard’s Start key.
  • Enter “Run” into your search bar.
  • Click the Run application.
  • In the field, enter %appdata%.
  • Click AppData in the search box.
  • Click on the Local folder
  • Click the DNFDUEL folder after scrolling down.
  • Go to C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Local\DNFDUEL\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Right-click Engine.ini
  • Open it in a notepad or another program of your choosing.
  • Add the following lines of text to the bottom:


You can change the value provided under r.ScreenPercentage=X to suit your preferences. Although 200 is 2x native resolution, you are welcome to lower it if necessary to improve performance.

An Alternative Vsync Fix

If you insert the next line of text, it should hopefully address any difficulties with screen tearing in your game.


  • After saving the file, choose Engine.ini with the right-click once again
  • Press Properties.
  • Make sure the Read-only box is selected in the General tab’s Characteristics section.
  • Afterward, click OK.

Launch your game after that to see if the problem has been fixed. I hope that was helpful. Comments from those that have been helped by this guide are appreciated. Share it with others please, it’s excellent news if this can assist even one person.

Last Updated on June 29, 2022

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