Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How To Get DLC Items Without Microtransactions

Introducing “Dragon’s Dogma 2” – the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved action RPG franchise. With its immersive world, thrilling combat, and rich lore, fans eagerly awaited its release. However, alongside the excitement came concerns about micro-transactions and downloadable content (DLC) items, sparking debates about their value and impact on gameplay. In this article, we delve into the heart of these discussions, exploring how to obtain DLC items without relying on micro-transactions in “Dragon’s Dogma 2.” Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the franchise, join us as we uncover the truth behind these controversial aspects of the game.

How To Get DLC Content Without Microtransactions In Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Explorer’s Camping Kit

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Upon reaching the primary capital city in your gameplay, make your way to the Border Checkpoint by taking the oxcart at the western gate. There, you’ll encounter a furry seeking the Jadeite Orb. Procure it from the scrap shop in town for 7500 and decide whether to present it to them or offer a forgery in exchange for…

The Elite Camping Kit

Transitioning to the Elite Camping Kit, it boasts a lighter weight compared to the Explorer’s set, and I’ve experienced no instances of breakage. I successfully navigated through the remainder of the game using this kit.

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Harpysnare Smoke Beacons

Seriously speaking, it seems like this DLC or item was designed to entice players to spend a significant amount of money without providing substantial in-game benefits. It’s difficult to find a practical reason to justify purchasing this DLC or utilizing the item within the game. Harpies, being one of the most common enemy types, don’t necessitate the use of a glider for traversal across the world. They’re typically found in chests within caves or specific shops, but once acquired, they often end up forgotten and unused throughout the gameplay.

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Heartfelt Pendant

This DLC appears to be among the rare few that cannot be acquired within the game itself. Similar to the DLC’s lack of utility, this item holds virtually no value in the desolate game world. Instead of wasting resources on such useless items, a more practical approach would be to gather some flowers, craft them into decorative arrangements, and achieve the same outcome! By doing so, you’ll not only avoid squandering your money but also potentially invest it more wisely, such as in Boeing stock at its current low point!

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Ambivalent Rift Incense

This item seems to randomly change your main pawn’s inclination to one of the others. However, if you’re seeking to change inclinations, chances are you have a specific one in mind, making this item essentially useless. It can be bought for 500 Rift Crystals at the pawn guild in Vernworth, but it’s strongly advised to allocate your Rift Crystals towards any other purchase. While it’s possible to stumble upon it in the wild, the question remains: why bother?

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Makeshift Gaol Key

This item seems to be a trap, whether acquired through payment or earned in-game. Interestingly, during one of the earliest major story missions, players are provided with an infinite-use version of this item. By simply visiting the Scrap shop at the western border checkpoint and purchasing a forgery for 5000, one can dispel any illusions of usefulness associated with this item. The presence of the Skeleton Key, which grants similar benefits indefinitely, makes purchasing this item with real money unnecessary and impractical.

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Art of Metamorphosis

This item allows you to edit your character, and it can be purchased for 500 Rift Crystals at the Pawn guild in Vernworth. However, they only offer two per playthrough. Alternatively, players can visit the merchant at NexusMods (simply Google it) and utilize Fluffy’s mod manager to install a mod that allows them to add 99 more tomes, each costing 10 gold. Additionally, players receive a free character edit in New Game+, providing another opportunity to adjust their character’s appearance.

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This particular DLC stands out as the only one with any practical utility. Placing it down establishes a permanent fast travel spot using Ferrystones, a function many would expect to be a DLC due to its significant usefulness. Players can obtain these spots through various means: completing main quests, engaging with a Griffin in the Vernworth area, solving riddles with specific NPCs, or acquiring them from the Dragonforged merchant in exchange for Wyrmslife Crystals. While there may be a few other methods, the opportunities to establish these spots are limited, as they are typically placed in logical and strategic locations. Given the scarcity of Ferrystones in the early game, players may only enjoy one or two uses of this DLC before obtaining enough Portcrystals or Ferrystones to fast travel freely. It’s worth noting the existence of oxcarts as an alternative means of transportation.


Wakestones (A – E)

This DLC offers the option to purchase a total of 5 extra lives, which may seem enticing at first glance. However, there are alternative methods to acquire essential items like wakestones without resorting to spending money. For instance, progressing through the main quest early on unlocks an item that automatically marks shards on your map; collecting 3 shards creates one stone. Additionally, players can hire low-level pawns and complete the pawn quest for traveling with them for a day, enabling the collection of shards by waiting on a bench repeatedly. While shards are available for purchase in shops, the cost is often not worth it.

It’s crucial to recognize that Dragon’s Dogma utilizes a combat system based on flat number reductions rather than percentages. Consequently, battles can vary significantly in difficulty depending on your gear. Fighting formidable foes like a chimera with basic equipment may result in repeated defeats even with extra lives. Therefore, investing in this DLC may not provide the desired advantage in such situations. Ultimately, it’s advisable to refrain from purchasing this DLC.


Rift Crystals (10000 Total)

The situation with Rift Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma echoes the dilemma players faced with red orbs in Devil May Cry 5. Rift Crystals primarily serve as currency for purchasing various cosmetic items such as Inclination Incense, Art of Metamorphosis, facial cosmetics like glasses, dyes, and summoning pawns above your level. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to earn Rift Crystals throughout the game:

  1. Opening chests scattered throughout the world.
  2. Completing main quests and side quests.
  3. Repairing minor Riftstones.
  4. Having other players summon your Pawn into their game.
  5. Defeating certain enemies, especially at night and in the postgame content.

These methods provide ample opportunities to accumulate Rift Crystals through regular gameplay. However, if you find yourself lacking in Rift Crystals, Fluffy, a helpful figure over at NexusMods, offers assistance in “finding” more through modding.

In summary, while Rift Crystals are essential for purchasing cosmetic items and summoning high-level pawns, players have multiple avenues to earn them within the game, and external resources like mods are available for those seeking additional currency.


Final Thoughts

Indeed, this guide aims to shed light on the various aspects of the DLCs in question and assist those who may have been unsure about their worth. The approach taken by Capcom, while not entirely surprising, may still be disappointing to many players. It’s concerning to witness such excessive displays of greed, particularly when it comes to monetizing aspects of the gaming experience.

In conclusion, the recommendation stands clear: do not purchase these DLCs. By making informed decisions and resisting the allure of unnecessary purchases, players can maintain a sense of integrity and preserve the enjoyment of their gaming experience.

Wishing you all a fantastic day ahead!

Last Updated on March 28, 2024

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