FC 24: Best Settings For Maximum FPS And Visuals (PC)

Players who are looking for ways to increase the FPS and reduce lags in FC 24 have come to the right place. As is common nowadays, new games suffer a lot of issues with regard to stuttering drop in FPS, sudden blackouts, and more.

The same is the story with FC 24 and players should know how to optimize their PC settings along with the tweaks to make within the game for the best experience. The following guide will help players understand how to set up their systems in the most optimized manner for FC 24.

FC 24: Best Settings For Maximum FPS And Visuals (PC)

Firstly, we will focus on having the correct settings on our computer before going inside FC 24.

Best Windows Settings for FC 24

It begins with turning on ‘Game Mode‘ so your game is running smoothly.

You can keep the ‘Xbox Game Bar’ off as it has led to stuttering and crashes in the past as reported by some players.

Similarly, for the ‘Captures,’ keep the Background Recording off along with turning the Audio Recording off too. 

Make sure you have the latest drivers installed, whether it is Nvidia or AMD. You can check out the latest versions by going to the respective sites and seeing if there are any newer updates that you need to download. 

Both platforms have an image scaling called “Super Resolution” in AMD and “NIS” in Nvidia. You will find them on the respective sites and have to turn them on.

The advantage is that if you have a 2K monitor and are playing at 1080p, the system will automatically scale it to 2K thereby giving a boost to your FPS. The difference in visuals will be barely noticeable. 

FC 24 - best settings

More Windows Settings to Optimize FC 24

For Nvidia users, go inside your settings on the PC via the Control Panel and open ‘Manage 3D settings.’ Turn on ‘Low Latency Mode,’ and you can even fix your FPS if you want to keep with your G-SYNC range.

  • Uncheck the ‘Change ECC’ rate as it slows VRAM. Select the resolution that is present on your monitor and keep using the maximum refresh rate.
  • Finally, players who want to use G-SYNC, turn it on and enable both Windowed along Borderless. Keep it t one screen, even if you have two monitors. 
  • The final settings are concerned with the PC as well. Go to Power Option and keep it to Balanced or High Performance.
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There is an intelligence and software cleaner as well, which frees memory and optimizes the standby list. If you have 32GB RAM, divide it by two and start as it runs on its own. You should also keep an eye on the overclocking CPU or overclocking GPU. 

FC 24: Best In-Game Settings (Graphics and General)

Once we are done with the changes to our system, we head inside the game itself and into the ‘Game Settings.’ Head over to the ‘Display Configuration‘ tab and keep the native resolution of your monitor.

Use Full Screen in Display Mode and the Refresh Rate is locked at 120Hz by the game itself. You can either limit or have no limits on the Frame Rate, so this is up to you.

V-Sync is Off along with Dynamic Resolution Scale also Off. The Cutscene Quality can be full or half. Keeping Strand-Based Hair Off gives a boost to FPS while Rendering Quality can be set to Medium, as anything higher decreases FPS.

The same goes for Grass Quality but for Crowd Quality, you should choose Low as there is a big difference between that and High or Ultra so it will definitely affect your FPS. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to highly optimizing their PC for FC 24. You will get a great boost to your FPS through this so make sure you are checking them out and applying them as per your system’s capacity. 

Last Updated on September 25, 2023

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