FC 24: How To Perform The Mbappe Little Brother Celebration

Players are enjoying FC 24 in Early Access, and there are a lot of settings to go through. You will also have a bunch of celebrations after scoring goals, with the ‘Mbappe Little Brother’ being one of the favorites.

They form an essential part of the game overall, as the moments after scoring are when you want to get together with your team and show everyone how you are feeling.

Some players love doing special celebrations, and the following guide will help players learn the Mbappe Little Brother. 

FC 24: How To Do The Mbappe Little Brother Celebration

Now, for all those who have seen the way Kylian Mbappe most usually celebrates after scoring, they would be very familiar with the motions.

It is the folding of arms across the chest after running to the side and having a quick jump. This can be done in FC 24 by every player, so you do not need to worry about your team or league. 

Players who wish to do the celebration and have scored with Mbappe himself will have the easiest job.

All they have to do after scoring a goal in the match is to hit the X button on their PlayStation console, the B button on their Nintendo Switch, or the A button on their Xbox system to watch Mbappe pull out his famous move.

FC 24 - Mbappe celebration

When using a player other than PSG superstar forward, players can do the Mbappe Little Brother celebration by pressing down L2 and hitting Circle two times on their PlayStation consoles.

The Xbox users have to press LT and hit the B button twice, while for Nintendo Switch, it is the LZ button followed by A twice. 

You should be hitting the Mbappe Little Brother celebration in FC 24. It is one of the most storied celebrations of recent times and is instantly recognizable worldwide, no matter where you are playing. So, when playing online, use the Mbappe Little Brother to stand out. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Mbappe Little Brother celebration in FC 24. It is not tough to execute at all, so enjoy it to your heart’s content while playing the new game. 

Last Updated on September 24, 2023

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