Starfield: What Are Neuroamps And How To Get Them

Neuroamps are vital for players across various scenarios since they are good stat boosts to social skills for your interactions, which can make a difference when dealing with the game’s litany of characters. The following guide will help players understand how neuroamps work and where to acquire them. 

Starfield: What Are Neuroamps And How To Get Them

Neuroamps boost players to stats connected to social skills like diplomacy, persuasion, instigation, and intimidation. Neuroamps have three levels of power and value that will cost you different credits, with Mark III needing 9,500.

Since they do not come cheap, you should use them well in the game. Players will only be able to equip a single Neuroamp at any time, and they are connected with their respective skills, so players have to get those unlocked, too. 

You will find Neuroamps in three locations of the game, with two shops being within Neon on Volii Alpha, which is part of the Volii system. The remaining shop is situated on the Key within the Kryx System. 

Ryujin Industries (Aito Suzuki)

Starfield - Ryujin Industries

The top seller of Neuroamps in the game, players will get the most variety here with Aito Suzuki present in the lobby of Ryujin Industries. You may also come across some Neuroamp Mods here, but they cannot be used to mod your Neuroamps in Starfield.

Players cannot steal Neuromods but can get a modern, internal Neuromod by partnering with Ryujin Industries to begin the ‘Sabotage Ryujin Industries’ mission. Here is the complete list of the Neuroamps they have for purchase: 

  • Neuroboost Mark I: 3500 Credits; +5% Intimidation 
  • Neuroboost Mark II: 6500 Credits; +10% Intimidation 
  • Neuroboost Mark III: 9500 Credits; +15% Intimidation
  • Neurocom Mark I: 3500 Credits; +5% Diplomacy
  • Neurocom Mark II: 6500 Credits; +10% Diplomacy
  • Neurocom Mark III: 9500 Credits; +15% Diplomacy
  • Neurotac Mark III: 9500 Credits; +15% Instigation 
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Newill’s Goods (James Newill)

It is around the area of Ryujin Industries in the Neon Core. You will get a few Neuroamps from James and Rosa Newill, which are: 

  • Neuroboost Mark I: 3500; +5% Intimidation 
  • Neuroboost Mark II: 6500; +10% Intimidation
  • Neuroboost Mark III: 9500; +15% Diplomacy

Zuri’s Essentials (Zuri Abara)

Starfield - Zuri's Essentials

Players have to link up with the Crimson Fleet to reach the shop of Zuri and the Key station within the Kryx System. It is the depot region, and some players will find it tough to Grav Jump across the galaxy given the amount of bounty they get as part of the Crimson Fleet, so Zuri’s Essentials is a safe place to get Neuroamps. 

  • Neurocom Mark I: 3500; +5% Diplomacy
  • Neurocom Mark II: 6500; +15% Diplomacy 
  • Neurocom Mark III: 9500; +15% Instigation 

Equipping Neuroamps

Players must get inside their inventory and use them like usual clothing objects. You will notice it as a little tech device on the face. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Neuroamps in Starfield. They come in handy many times in the game so that you will be in an advantageous position. 

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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