FF16 – What Are The Best Controller Settings

Players looking to dive straight into the action-packed Final Fantasy 16 have much to be excited about. The game features two modes, Story-Focused and Action-Focused, aimed at all gamers. You will also get two different settings for graphics, depending on whether you want to prioritize picture quality or overall performance.

One of the most important aspects of any game nowadays is the best controller layout and how to maximize chances of winning through ease of controls. It is the same with Final Fantasy 16, and the following guide will help players understand how to configure their controls to get the most optimal gaming experience.

Final Fantasy (FF) 16: What are the Best Controller Settings

Since the game is exclusive to PS5, players will not have many customization features when setting up their controls. Nevertheless, there are some adjustments that you can make on your own by going into the Controller Layout area of the System Settings in Final Fantasy 16.

For players with experience with other action-based games, we recommend going for the Type B layout. You will see some changes from the original settings, including moving the melee and magic attacks to R1 and R2, respectively. On the other hand, evade will change over to Circle, rather than having to use R1.

Final Fantasy 16 - Type B Controls

Changing controls is highly subjective so that some players will go ahead with Type A. Additionally, Type A does have some substantial benefits, especially in the range of combos where you can attack with magic and melee together in combat.

The significant advantage of Type B is the comfort of other games and the benefit of evading. Here is the complete list of controls for the Type B layout in Final Fantasy 16.

    • X: Jump
    • Up, Right, Down on D-Pad: Shortcuts and Pet Commands
    • L: Move
    • L1: Lock On
    • Triangle: Cycle Eikons
    • R: Camera
    • R1: Melee Attack
    • Circle: Evade
    • Square: Ready Eikonic Abilities
    • L3: Animal Instinct
    • Left D-Pad: Cycle Shortcuts and Pet Commands
    • L3+R3: Limit Break
    • L2: Eikonic Feat
    • R2: Magic
    • R3: Reset Camera/Cycle Target
    • Options: Main Menu
    • Square + Touchpad: Taunt
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Final Fantasy 16 - Type A Controls

There is also a Type C controller layout for players who really want to go out of their comfort zone in playing the game. However, there are no significant benefits to using it since you will not be getting either the melee or evade superiority, which will be of the utmost help in the game.

Therefore, the best way to decide between the controller layouts is to play with each of them for some time to get the hang of them before deciding on what to go ahead with. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when choosing the best controller layout in Final Fantasy 16. There is no correct answer, and players will be comfortable with different settings. Once you do make a decision, you will be all set to carry on with your journey. Follow our Final Fantasy 16 page for all the latest news, updates, guides, and more.

Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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