FF16 – How To Unlock Crafting And Upgrading Gear

Players journeying through the new Final Fantasy 16 will come across a bunch of gear and armor alongside a whole bunch of weapons. With time, you will also be crafting and maintaining your stockpile of the same to get stronger for the bigger enemies.

The crafting mechanic in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most crucial aspects of the whole game, so players must be very well-versed in it if they want to emerge victorious through the various challenging settings. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand the whole crafting system in the game and how it will benefit them immensely.

Final Fantasy 16: How to start crafting by unlocking the Blacksmith and Forge

The game has different difficulty levels, and Final Fantasy is third on the list. It will be daunting for players to win the fights against bosses if they use their gear and armor properly.

Moreover, you will also need to use the crafting process well to improve your existing cache of weapons and equipment so you can take down the several enemies you will encounter throughout this period. You will not get too much of an idea in the opening phases of the game as to what the crafting mechanic is all about and how to go about unlocking it.

Final Fantasy 16 - crafting gear

Players will not be allowed to start crafting items immediately into the game since you will initially be tasked with unlocking the Blacksmith and getting access to the Forge. This is the backbone of the crafting process, so you cannot start strengthening yourself unless this is completed.

Once you have started the game and spent a few hours with it, players will get access to the “Hide, Hideaway” mission that will ask you to speak with Cid. As you go over to the main hall, you will see a cutscene with Goetz requesting you to meet up with Blackthrone once you have given over the Continental Rum.

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As soon as you give the Continental Rum to Blackthorne, the Forge will be unlocked instantaneously, along with the Blacksmith, with whom you can now meet up to get the crafting gear and upgrading weapons process underway.

Final Fantasy 16 - upgrading gear

After getting access, players only have to talk with the Blacksmith and press X to interact. You will see the “Use the Forge” option with Craft and Reinforce within it. The former is for players to make new armor and gear in Final Fantasy 16, while the latter will help you upgrade the items you already have in your inventory.

Of course, you must have the required resources before commencing with either of the two paths. Every item has a different requirement, so make sure you are fulfilling them. Once you have the gear ready, head to the pause menu, and you can equip it under the Gears and Eikon tab.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the upgrading and crafting mechanics of Final Fantasy 16. Once you understand what is required and how to collect the various resources, it is relatively easy to use.

This will be very useful in all game stages, so make sure you are using it handily. Follow our Final Fantasy 16 page for all the latest news, updates, guides, and more.

Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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