FIFA 21 | How to Fix Double Controller Issues in-game

Are you getting double controller issues in FIFA 21? Do not worry as we got a fix in this guide. Lately, a lot of players are seeing One controller Twice in the game. There is a simple solution to this, so read on…

One Controller Showing Twice (Double Controller) – How to Fix

The Issue appears something like this:

How to Fix Double Controller Issues in-game FIFA 21

1. Close FIFA 21 and Navigate to Windows Search Bar.

2. Type “Settings” in the Search Bar and locate “Devices”

Fix Double Controller Issues FIFA 21

3. Select “Bluetooth & Other Devices” from the left side.

Fix Double Controller Issues FIFA 21 2

4. Now simply locate your Controller and DELETE it from that list.

5. Take note NOT to Disconnect the USB Controller at any point during the process.

As tested so far, this method is working and solving issues for a lot of players. So if you follow the steps carefully, it will definitely resolve the double controller issue for you.

That is all we are sharing in this fix guide. mention your thoughts or queries in the comments below. We will try to answer/respond to them to our best. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of such fixes!

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Last Updated on December 29, 2020

19 thoughts on “FIFA 21 | How to Fix Double Controller Issues in-game”

    1. The controller works but the issue is with the double icons you see inside the game. If you already see a single one inside the game, then there is no need for this fix. You can proceed playing it normally. If it disconnects once you delete devices, you can unplug and reconnect to check.

      1. Thanks for quick answer.
        I did the fix step-by-step and what I mean is that after deleting my controller from devices list it simply disconnects from my PC. After connecting it again and launching FIFA, the issue comes back – I see two controllers instead of one. I tried via USB, Bluetooth, and XBOX USB stick (“adapter”) and nothing worked for me. I have a XBOX One Controller. I also tried connecting my older one (wired XBOX 360 controller) but it also appeared as two controllers.
        And yes, I tried “repairing” and reinstalling the game. And I also tried some other suggestions like XBOX controller emulator, which didn’t affect it either.

        1. Thanks for sharing the issue with us. I Will put this out for those who are facing a similar problem and can address your issue properly.

    2. Hey, bud. I had this issue throughout a full day and was close to smashing in my pc and give up.. I then went ower what everyone said here and tried a few things along the way. What worked for me, was keeping my ps4 controller connected, delete it completely from my pc, then try and open the game, but as it didn’t do anything when I clicked a button, I then tried to reconnect the controller while in-game. But it still double-clicked, so I disconnected it again, head into Bluetooth and connected it through that. AND NOW IT WORKS… Well, it works for me. Try it out and see if it will work for you.

    1. But all the controllers work inside the game. You can use steam big picture to play with any type of controller as well. Just to be on the safe side, i would advice you to do that

    1. Here are a few things you can try for the console: start the Steam client> go to Steam Library> right-click on the game> select “Forced Off” under “Steam Option Input per-game Setting”> OK.

      You can also go to Steam> Settings> Controller> General controller settings r> Enable “Generic gamepad settings support”.

      If the problem is still not corrected you will have to enable the “Xbox setup support” checkbox or the “PlayStation for Dualshock 4” checkbox.


  1. I have the same issue. It is with my new Xbox X/S controller. Controller works fine with cable in FIFA21 but as soon as you connect it via bluetooth then it shows as double controllers like seen in the pictures. Controller via bluetooth works in other games so looks like this is connected with FIFA21. Workaround is to use cable but that is not very convenient. Any ideas

    1. I have exactly the Same issue…. If i Put my cable in, ist works. On Bluetooth it displays two Controllers and every Input gets executed twice.

  2. I got the same problem with Fifa 21 on the Series X. It always shows up as 2 controllers. I had situations where this broke the match.

  3. This bug is general in the next gen version on XBox series X. Is an unacceptable bug. Is obvious as soon as you use it that it cannot be played. This botch has been done knowingly.

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