Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – How To Recruit The Gatekeeper

The sequel to the popular Fire Emblem: Three House has been making good progress in the gaming world. Titled Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, it sees the return of many old characters from the series’ previous two games. One of the fan’s favourite ones who have made a comeback is the Gatekeeper.

Though he is not a major figure, his presence adds a different feel to the game. The following guide will help players in knowing about the Gatekeeper and how to recruit him in the Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes - The Gatekeeper

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes – Who is the returning character?

The character is the guard who can be found outside the entrance of the Garreg Mach Monastery. The Gatekeeper is a small character, but his comedic vibes and cheerful attitude uplift players.

Therefore, it is certainly the fan power of the franchise which saw his comeback in the latest installment. You will come across the Gatekeeper after finishing four to five chapters in the game. When you interact with him, he will say his famed “Nothing to report” line.

Furthermore, he will also reveal his desire of battling at the front, but is stuck due to his guarding responsibilities. However, the Gatekeeper will soon get his chance of fulfilling his dream, as players can recruit him too. 

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes - Recruiting the Gatekeeper

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes – How to recruit the Gatekeeper 

The Gatekeeper is a very solid unit in the game. However, actually unlocking it fully will take some major time. You will not be able to only go through the main storyline and unlock New Game+ like the other different end-game units.

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This time, players will have to finish two of the three present routes in order to recruit the Gatekeeper. 

Once you begin the third run, you will come across either Chapter 4 or 5 as it depends on the house that you have chosen for the third round.

Players will not have to make use of strategies or spend Renown points that you have acquired via Shez’s journal. You can just meet the Gatekeeper when he comes at his old venue, and then talk to him to unlock him. 

Having already unlocked him, you can also interact with him later in the game to play a unique Paralogue mission. This is where Shez will have a mock battle against the heads of the three houses.

Furthermore, players will also have the chance to go on expeditions with the Gatekeeper. Nevertheless, his real name will remain a mystery!

Thus, this is all you need to know about the old favourite in the game, and how to have him by your side in battles. He may not have a huge role, but is definitely going to make the gameplay much more pleasant. 

Last Updated on July 13, 2022

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