Kayak VR: Mirage | Guide For Controls And Controller Stick Setup

The wonderful game Kayak VR: Mirage allows you to relax in stunning scenery or compete in cross-platform leaderboards. This guide will provide you with information on the game, its controls, and the controller stick configuration.

Playing with a fan facing you can assist you stay in the same position to avoid damage or cable tangling, as well as lessen motion sickness and fatigue. 

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Controls And Controller Stick Setup For Kayak VR: Mirage

A breathtaking and thrilling voyage through stunning and unusual landscapes, Kayak VR: Mirage is designed specifically for virtual reality.

Make yourself the quickest by navigating our physically correct kayak through checkpoints, or take it easy and use the free roam option for a leisurely voyage and to take in the sights.

There is currently 4 known maps in Kayak VR: Mirage:

  • Kings Canyon (Australia)
  • Cierva Cove (Antarctica)
  • Bjørnøya (Norway)
  • Papagayo (Costa Rica)

Christmas 2021 saw the release of a unique Canyon map in version Beta v0.6. Future occurrences may be similar to this one.


The Kayak has a variety of stabilisation modes that you may select from, which also affects your turns.

 Settings > Accessibility > Stabilize Kayak – Off (paddle and head position affect the centre of mass)

  • Low (paddle position is not taken into account when calculating centre of mass in the kayak, should prevent some wobbliness)
  • Medium (centre of mass is unaffected by paddle and head position)
  • High (the foregoing plus additional kayak dampening)

To your taste, adjust the “Turning Multiplier” and “Force Multiplier.” When paddling, water depth affects the force and turning speed. 

Skimming the surface of the water will therefore hardly move or direct you, whereas strokes made deeper in the water will move you more quickly. Windmills can’t help you go quicker because good technique is rewarded.

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Controller stick setup

Using a stick while playing can substantially increase immersion, but it is not necessary to rank in the leaderboards. 

To avoid hurting yourself, others, or breaking anything, please make sure you have adequate space and that your solution to attach the controllers is solid enough. 

Pay attention to the ground and any potential ceiling lights, especially when using a longer stick. 

To better match your physical stick and virtual one, change the offsets so that while rotating the real stick, the motions of the virtual stick correspond by going to settings>general and turning “controllers attached to stick” to “on.”

  • Try to balance the actual stick on its centre of mass as well. If necessary, use sliders to adjust the virtual stick.
  • To mount your controllers on a stick, you can use a broomstick, detachable zip ties, or a 3D-printed solution like this one (Vive wands) [www.thingiverse.com].
  • Currently, in order to navigate the menu without altering the default input bindings, you need enough space to push the trigger on at least one controller.

Try each setting until you are happy with the performance and quality for the best graphics settings. You can play with higher graphical settings and enable motion smoothing in SteamVR if you don’t want to participate in the leaderboards. 

Thank you for reading!

Last Updated on July 13, 2022

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