Myth of Empires – Unlocking Max Skill Levels (450+)

I will show you how to unlock the max skill levels for the game Myth of Empires in this post. This will also help you to push your skill levels past 450. As you may have noticed, the skill levels should get locked out at 450.

If you want to push past that, or in general, just level up in the game, you will need some tips. That is where I can help you. Now, if you are just starting out with Myth of Empires, make sure to check out my Beginners Guide.

Myth of Empires – Unlocking Max Skill Levels

You will notice that once you get to level 450 skill, all the skills get locked out. This is not specific to any 1 skill. This is applicable for all the skills that you have in Myth of Empires. The next steps will show you how to go beyond the skill level cap, so read on…

Level 450-600

Finding Neutral Camp

This is the first thing you should do once you hit the skill level cap. To find a Neutral Camp, open up your map, and look for the locations that say, “Neutral Camp: *any name*”. For example here is one of them:

Myth of Empires - Unlocking Max Skill Levels (450+)

These can be found all over the map. They vary in difficulty. Some of them can attack you, which may, or may not be a bug. For most parts, these are neutral and they will not harm you if you go near such camps.

How To Get To These Camps

To quickly access or get to these camps, press ESC > Die In game (Word censored due to advisory reasons). This will take you to the respawn point. You will now be presented with Birth locations which are basically different spawn points on the map. 

Select “Neutral Camp” from there like so:

Myth of Empires - Unlocking Max Skill Levels (450+)

Now Press “Enter Game” to load up that point and spawn in.

Interacting with Skill Trainer

It does not matter matter what level, or faction you belong to. Since this method is free for all, you can do the same method and spawn near a neutral camp. Go Inside the camp, and you should see a “Skill Trainer”. Interact with him, and you will be presented with the following options:

  • Advanced Skill Learning – [Helps you go past 450 skill level cap]
  • Master Skill Learning – [Helps you go past 600 skill level cap]
  • Grand Master Skill learning – [Helps you go past 900 skill level cap]
  • Leave
  • Back
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Since you are unlocking max level past 450, click on ‘Advanced’. Follow this up by selecting ‘Strength Training – Advanced’. You can then select any lesson you want such as pole, swords, etc. For example:

  • Click on Pole Arm
  • Select “Learn”
  • Requirement: Skill Level of 450 and 8,500 Copper Coins

To get copper coins you can sell things that you do not want for yourself. I will be discussing this extensively in any of my future posts. For now, simply concentrate on levelling up. Once you hit “Learn” this unlocks the new 450+ Skill XP.

You can then carry on learning different weapons one after the other until you reach 600. After you reach 600, you will be selecting the master advanced options. This is of course going to cost you A LOT more!

Skills Level 600-750

Myth of Empires - Unlocking Max Skill Levels (450+)

  • Select all the options related to Master Advanced
  • Requirements are a LOT more than before
  • 600 Skill XP for the current level, and 25,000 Copper Coins.

Skill Level 750-900

Myth of Empires - Unlocking Max Skill Levels (450+)

  • Can be called the Grand Master Level
  • All the requirements should be met with Grandmaster Advanced settings
  • Even More requirements for this one
  • XP required for skill cap is 750, and Copper Coins needed is 90,000

So, That is how you can push past the maximum level cap of 450+ and keep progressing to 900 in Empire of Myth. To level up in general, you can easily do various activities such as Farming, Mining, etc.

The limits of what you can do to properly level up are endless so keep experimenting!

That is all I will share in this guide on how to unlock max skill level in the game. Leave your thoughts down in the comments if this was of any help to you, and do share it with friends.

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Last Updated on November 29, 2021

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