God of War PC – How to get or farm Hacksilver Quickly

In God of War, Hacksilver is a vital resource for a lot of things. Purchasing items from shops to craft and upgrade armor and weapons are some of the activities that use it as the main currency.

You will need a lot of Hacksilver to get a good standing in the game and plenty of resources for boss fights. Similar to any other currency in other games, it is similar to Shards.

How to get Hacksilver fast in God of War is something that you would want to know. We will show you how to farm Hacksilver, if you keep reading.

How to Farm Hacksilver Quickly in God of War

How to get or farm Hacksilver in God of War PC

There are many ways to get Hacksilver fast in God of War, we have listed the best and least rewarding options first.

Selling Artifacts, Items, and Armor

Artifacts can be used for selling in exchange for Hacksilver, but they are not useful in the game. When compared to other items, they provide a large amount of hacksilver. You can receive thousands of Hacksilver from some artifacts.

You can sell armor and other items that you don’t need in the game. Artifacts and armor give you the most Hacksilver, but if you sell anything that you don’t need, you can get more Hacksilver.

Kratos has a lot of armor in its inventory, but you should only use the best one and sell the others for currency. If you have excess raw materials, you can sell them. If you don’t need the currency, then sell anything that doesn’t.

Locating and Finding Treasures

If you find the treasure on the treasure map, you can get a lot of Hacksilver. If you are able to find the treasure, you will find a lot of other useful items.

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Hacksilver can be acquired through a variety of means. For example, you can sell your unwanted coins to the merchant or buy it from the game’s store. You can also earn it through various activities and events in the game.

Hacksilver can be exchanged for Gold, which is one of the most common currencies used in the game. In fact, it is the primary currency of the game. The value of Gold depends on the market conditions in the game.

Pick up items, break open objects, and open Small Wooden Chests

If you come across wooden chests, always open them and if you find items lying around on the ground, try to pick as many as you can. Try to find Hacksilver on the ground and in the chests.

You can use the Leviathan Axe to knock down items on the seal. You also stand a chance of getting currency if you smash everything in a room.

Explore Muspelheim and Niflheim and Play Story

You can get Hacksilver quickly if you spend some time at the Muspelheim and NiFLheim. Simply playing through the story will allow you to build currency.

Make a few stops at highlighted locations

highlighted spots are what you will find when you are traveling by boat. Atreus has the ability to draw coins from these spots.

And those are the main ways to farm or get Hacksilver quickly in God of War PC. IF you are as excited as I am for its PC release, do let me know in the comments below.

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