God Of War Ragnarok – Binds and Controls for Controller

God Of War Ragnarok is finally out for Consoles and I am loving the game so far. The game has me hooked from the get go and every scene seems enjoyable.

I also went ahead and checked a lot of settings and I found that there are plenty to play around with. If you are as interested as I am regarding the settings for controls and how the movement, combat, and other things work, then you should know them by all means.

In this guide, I will try to list down all the binds and controls for God of War Ragnarok on Consoles. This can change when and if a ported version for this game comes out for PC players later on. Until then, this will help you in setting the binds properly.

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Binds and Controls for GOW Ragnarok

These will be the main controls and binds for the game here on. You can change the bindings by going into settings > CONTROLLER REMAPPING. Here are my controls (Most of them are default)

General Controls

These are the general controls including interactions, general actions, and other things we use normally –

  • Interact – O
  • Evade – X
  • Signature Weapon Ability – Triangle
  • Atreus Action – Square
  • Block / Parry – L1
  • Aim – L2
  • Light Attack – R1
  • Heavy Attack – R2
  • Primary Weapon – DPAD Right
  • Secondary Weapon – DPAD Left
  • Bare Hands – DPAD Down
  • Arrow Type – DPAD Up
  • Lock-On Camera – R3
  • Sprint – L3

Controller Settings

God of War Ragnarök controller settings

These options and binds include aiming, blocking, evasion and more – 

  • Aim L2 Style – Hold
  • Block L1 Style – Hold
  • Evade Style – Default
  • Neutral Evade – Off
  • Stun Grab Enemies – R3
  • Spartan Rage – L3 + R3
  • Quick Turn – Hold L1 + DPAD Down
  • Left Stick and Right Stick – Default
  • Controller Vibration – 8 (Personal Preference)

Touchpad Shortcuts

Even though I did not change or check any of these, feel free to bind these if you wish to do so –

  • Touch Pad Button – Left / Right
  • Swipe Up (Touchpad) – None
  • Swipe Down (Touchpad) – None
  • Swipe Left (Touchpad) – None
  • Swipe Right (Touchpad) – None

We have the following options for Touchpad if you want to bind them. They are –

  • Navigation Assist
  • HUD Toggle
  • High Contrast Display
  • Spartan Rage
  • Quick Turn
  • Shield Strike

According to my knowledge, most of these settings should work fine for you but if you want to change them by any means, feel free to do that. Also, you can see that some basic and a few advanced movement like quick turn is included in this guide so make sure to reference that if you are looking for one.

That is all I had to share in this guide for GOW Ragnarok’s Controls and binds for Consoles. Feel free to comment down your thoughts below and I will see you with more God Of War Ragnarok Guides.

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Last Updated on November 9, 2022

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