GoW Ragnarok – Best Graphics And Camera Settings for PS5

I have started playing the much-awaited God of War Ragnarok and I am loving it so far in its current progression. It is all credited to its immersive story and great graphics along with an amazing combat system.

The game will take you on a gripping journey across vast terrains basking on a journey with Kratos and His Son, all combined with astounding graphics and gripping camera work and angles.

Talking about cameras, In this guide, I will show you the best Graphics and Camera settings I use for GoW Ragnarok on a PS5. Hopefully, these settings will help you in running the game at a higher frame rate and decent performance. The camera settings will also help you in improving the overall experience.


GoW Ragnarok – Best Camera and Graphics Settings for PS5

These are by far the best graphics and camera settings I tested for the game. I tried other tweaks and changes as well but the most optimized settings for me are listed below along with the explanation for each of them.

Graphics Settings

I tried a lot of different binds and settings and these were the ones that worked out for me. That along with some other changes made the game look and run amazing on the PS5.

Screen Calibration

This is a setup provided by the game itself which you can use to optimize the game as per the PS5 and the monitor or TV you are using.

Film Grain

The Film grain for me is set to 8. I found the max setting of 10 to be too harsh for me. Basically, The film grain effect adjusts on-screen rendering to make the game look like it was shot right out of a film.

Motion Blur

Honestly, if you do not like motion blur, just dial it down all the way to 0. Since I like some blurry effects on single-player games like God of War, I keep this to a balanced 5.

Graphics Mode

I keep this to Favor Performance. This is by far the most impactful setting I have come across. This will change how many FPS you will get or how well the game will look. I like to play my games on high FPS which is typically 120 for PS5.

High Frame Rate Mode

I keep this Off because the game does not look well when you turn ON HFR. Yes, you can Turn this ON and use Favor Quality for a decent combination, but for some reason, it ran 60 FPS for me.

Reduce Flashing

This setting basically reduces flashes from full-onscreen flashes. This can help save your visual and eye from time to time so I keep this OFF.


Camera Settings

These are the main camera settings I use to play GoW Ragnarok. I have changed very few of them and the rest are default. This is a setting where you can change things as per your taste.

  • Invert Vertical Control – OFF
  • Invert Horizontal Control – OFF
  • Horizontal rotation Speed – 6
  • Vertical Rotation Speed – 6
  • Aim Horizontal Sensitivity – 6
  • Aim Vertical Sensitivity – 6

I increased the value for each of them by 1 since I found the default value of 5 to be too slow. This is also a matter of preference so keep that in mind.

Motion Reduction

There are only two settings here that can be changed if you want. I changed them to my knowledge as shown below – 

  • Ambient Camera Sway – 7 – Set the intensity of slow, handheld, and other looping camera movements. This usually occurs when idling or traversing.
  • Camera Shake – 4 – This sets the intensity of short, high-frequency, and sudden camera movements. This generally happens in combat so keep that in mind.

Motion Sensor Function Aiming

This is basically all the settings that come into effect while you are aiming. I usually keep this Off since that is how I like it. You can play around with all the settings and find your suitable playstyle for it:

  • Activation – Off – Enable controller movement control of the camera while aiming
  • If you decide to keep this on, this will take you into different directional values for the motion sensor camera.

If you followed the guide properly, it should have helped you somewhat in playing GoW Ragnarok slightly better. I hope you can find something here for you to take away. 

Do let me know your thoughts and how you are enjoying Ragnarok so far. Keep an eye on our GoW Guides section for more such posts.

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Last Updated on November 9, 2022

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