Golf Rival | Best Clubs Guide For 2021 (Updated)

Welcome to this post on Golf Rival. Here I am going to talk about the best clubs in the game for 2021. The post has been updated as of September 2021. So you will be able to find out the latest information from here. I am going to talk about a few great clubs in this game. Read on to know more.

Best Golf Clubs In Golf Rival For 2021 (Updated)

Club Levels

My bag is a mess. I don’t know what clubs to prioritize. Right now, most of my clubs are in the level 5/6 range. I am on stage eleven with just over 6700 trophies. At this point, my only level 2 legendary is Bone Claw, so legendaries are only so helpful. This is a problem faced by many players in Golf Rival.

The only good thing about passing stage 9 is unlocking phoenix and unicorn. But there is nothing good about being at stage 11 with the above club set in my opinion. Lava doesn’t unlock until stage 12. By the time you reach stage 12, Bat Wings and Earth will probably be the best clubs for your bag. People love the shot shaping of Lava, but the low power is a big turn-off. Lava is pretty useful in some of the shootouts in stage 13, however.

The Best Clubs

What are good basic clubs to have in your bag?

Earth and wooden wheel. The best epic clubs (besides earth), are moon/wooden wheel, sky wheel/mars, and stream. A bone claw will probably be the only sand wedge you’ll need again because it removes the debuff square. Helm has its place in the game, but it is quickly replaced by batwing because of the power discrepancy.

Batwing is unlocked once you reach stage 4. You will never get it from the silver or gold chests that are rewarded after you win a match. They will only be found in legendary chests. You get these from challenges, tournaments, and kingdoms. Legendary clubs can also be purchased for 40,000 gold coins in the store.

The best clubs for your bag are all the legendary clubs plus earth. By taking advantage of Facebook coins and arena coins, you can build your legendary clubs and not even worry about developing the epic clubs until you want to focus on the challenges.

Facebook Connecting

How does one get Facebook coins? And, is it even possible to get bat wings in a stage 4 chest?

Once you add “friends” from Facebook, they will automatically populate in the game and you will see the option to send/receive coins in the bottom left of the game lobby/main screen that appears when you launch the app.

So, I should start over and delete the account I have now?

I think you should consider it. Maybe start a new account and connect it to Facebook and see how you like it. You’ll progress to stage 9 or 10 very quickly and the Facebook coins will help you buy legendary clubs at a good rate.

Is there a way to start over without connecting to Facebook?

If your current Facebook is attached to your current Golf Rival account, it can’t be separated. You’ll want to get a few hundred golf friends. Facebook will eventually help out by suggesting people you may know, which will mostly be golf rival players. I would recommend starting a new google email ID and a new Facebook account. But the choice is yours.


I have a level six t-Rex in my bag right now, should I swap it out for a level 4 wooden wheel?

As for your T-Rex, if its stats are better than your L4 WW keep it in your bag for now, but don’t spend any more money on it. Spend it on WW until it’s as good/better than T-Rex, then swap it out. Similarly for the other clubs mentioned, focus on building them over your current clubs, and when they’re as good/better, swap them out then.

Leveling Up Clubs

So, does that mean I have to start losing some battles? Or do I just keep playing the stage after unlocking the next?

Watch your trophies and don’t let them get high enough to bump you into the next stage. If you get close start to lose a few battles to drop your count. Don’t try and progress further in the game, stage-wise. Just camp out where you are and build up your clubs. Earth, Helm, Wooden Wheel, Moon, Force, Stream are the stuff to get in terms of non-legendary. Maybe Lava is better than Helm, but that’s debatable. BW becomes useful at maybe 3 or 4 so until then just leave it out of your bag and stick with Earth and Helm/Lava.

Phoenix and Cardinal are killers once you get them to level 5 (maybe Phoenix at level 4) so until then, stick with Moon and Wooden Wheel. It’s a marathon, not a sprint (unless you want to drop cash) so don’t do what most people do, that is, progress way too fast through the stages, and just camp out building your clubs. Its monotonous for sure, but AA, tourneys, kingdom and challenges liven it up.

Hopefully, you were able to understand what I had to say in this guide. If you need clarification regarding any issue then I would be more than happy to help. Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. I will be back soon with more such posts so do keep an eye on our page. Take care of your health and have fun gaming. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Golf Rival | Best Clubs Guide For 2021 (Updated)”

    1. The club would have been great for a level 13 or above gameplay if they buffed the distance. I feel like they could have added more range to it. Say another 20yards would do well with the Cyber Club. In the Starting stages of levels and tournaments it does quite well for me, but I would avoid picking it on higher stages due to its decreased range.

  1. The devs told me that if I wanted they could delete my account so I can start over. So that might be an option so I don’t know how that is affected by being connected to Facebook. I didn’t know that was an issue so I didn’t query them about it

    1. I think the entire new account and connecting to Facebook has to do with rerolling so that you can get decent legendaries. This is totally optional so you can also continue with the current account as well.

  2. David Shannonhouse

    My time times we out too quickly, especially when the opening screen is magnified and pointing away from the green. I play this game to help my hand and eye coordination after my strokes. Another 10 seconds would male a world of difference. At times the 10 second starts immediately, unlike other players that all seem too be allotted more time. What can I do?

    1. I think you need to anticipate the shots and make decisions early. Also, take into consideration the wind speed of the game. Here is an article that can help you with wind speed: Also, check this article for a list of the best clubs so that you can pick the best one: I would also ask you to check your internet connection so that there is no delay in shots. A bad connection can cause a lot of delays in shots.

    1. As far as I know, this is a bug. Instead of auto-adjusting, the zoom function bugs out and you end up hitting a bad shot. One workaround is to hit your shot and switch to top view. This will reset the camera zoom and help you to hit a decent shot.

      1. For normal zoom in and zoom out, use two fingers together and bring them close and far respectively to zoom in and out. FOr top angle view, use two fingers vertically.

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