Exos Heroes – Beginner Guide, Tips, and Strategies

Welcome to a comprehensive Exos Heroes Beginner Guide. I will share some Beginner Tips, Strategies, and Guides to better help you to get off on the right foot. This walkthrough will be applicable for S5 and onwards.

With the Season 5 update, we have received a lot of massive changes in Exos Heroes. From this point onwards, we will see how to proceed with the game and then carry on to progress properly in the game.

Exos Heroes Beginner Guide, Tips, and Strategies (Updated)

Exos Heroes Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Clearing Story Chapters ⇓

The first and foremost task for you, is to clear the story chapter contents for Exos Heroes. What this will do is give you a general feel for the mechanics, items, skillsets, shops, and other new aspects to the game.

If you aim to at least clear up to chapter 10 (King’s March), with the much needed EXP, you will also get great rewards. Ultimately this will increase your knowledge, EXP, and the overall level of your account as well.

Doing Daily Quests ⇓

Do daily quests, on a daily basis to receive the much needed rewards. The quests will reset on a daily basis, which is obvious from the said name. You will be able to receive a lot of EXP and items from this as well. In short:

  • You get Account EXP points
  • Rewards
  • Items
  • Sets

Challenge Mission and Events Guide ⇓

Challenge Missions

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

You will get a lot of materials/rewards from this particular content in Exos Heroes. The most important of all is that you will get to learn a lot of new concepts and mechanics important to the game.

Since these are all Tutorial type missions, you can easily clear them, learn from the missions, and collect the rewards in a simple manner. To give a brief TLDR;

  • Do challenge missions regularly
  • Earn Rewards
  • Earn EXP for Account and character Levelling
  • Learn the game mechanics and concepts
  • Tutorial method for missions help to learn more

Do both the Story Guide and Content Guide from the left hand side tabs.

For Events, The same goes for these as well. Whatever I mentioned about the Challenge missions can be earned on events also. Make sure you are completing them to get the much needed in-game currencies. Some examples are:

  • Exos Festa
  • Get the Red!
  • Mythic challenge missions!
  • Normal Event
  • New Events and so on!

Guide To Hero Management ⇓

If you want to learn Hero Management in Exos Heroes, the first thing you need to know is Fate Cores. Fate Cores are basically types of costumes and heroes in the game. These can be designated by colours. I will list them down:

  • Gold Fate Core:  Best upgrades to characters and skills. Always desired over other FC.
  • Black Fate Core: Grants New Costume as well as Skill and Stats upgrades to a character. Comes right After the Gold FC.
  • Blue Fate Core: These are mainly focussed on collection purpose of costumes. Not great for actual battlefield use. Provides Passive Buffs to other characters even though the Blue FC is not present on the battlefield.
  • Orange Fate Core: Only meant for cosmetic and costume purposes. No real use in the battlefield.
  • Silver Fate Core: Story oriented costumes but can provide great stats boost to allies. For example Astarte.
  • Red Fate Core: Same as Orange FC and is only used for collection and cosmetic purposes.

To sum it up, the order goes like: Gold FC > Black FC > Blue FC > Silver FC > Orange FC > Red FC.

Upgrade Your Characters as soon as possible to give them an edge in the battlefield. Provide them with good rarity equipment to further boost their stats. Set Effects are bonus boosts if you equip certain sets together.

Increase the level of your characters and the level caps for your characters as well. It can go all the way up to 6 Star. Get them decent gears and sets to get the most desirable stats on them.

Unleash Potential Boost the stats of a character significantly. Try to Unleash the Potential of the main character you want to play with. 

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

The Birthday System is unlocked for those character that reach level 90. You will receive 100 currencies on their birthday. This  does not depend on rarity but the Level of the characters ONLY.

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

Guide on Forming Best Teams ⇓

Now that you have known Hero management, and got a character that you can main, it is time to form your best Team. The first thing to check, to form a great team is the formation, so do that first. They are:

  • Balanced Back Row
  • Emphasized Back Row
  • Balanced Front Row
  • Emphasized Front Row

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

Have at least one tank in your team as a rule of thumb. Some examples are Garff and Degas. Have at least one healer as well like Anastasia. Two or Three DPS (Damage) Heroes are ideal for the team. 

DPS examples can be Schmid and Rachel. Have one Support as well if you want to like Shell or Dorka. So, this means you have 3DPS, 1 healer, and 1 Tank in the Balanced Back Row Formation:

Exos Heroes best team

Note that this is just for illustration purpose. You can play around with Heroes, formations, and the types of heroes as well. This is one of the suggestive best teams you can have.

Guide To Core Memory ⇓

Core Memory is basically a part of the Fatecore Tab. Core memories are collections of fatecores. When you complete a certain said collection, you gain a boost to your Attacking and Defensive stats. They will generally be:

  • CP or Combat Power boost
  • Attack boost
  • Defensive Boost
  • HP Boost

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

These boosts are applicable to those characters that are inside the FC Memory.

You can borrow Fatecores from friends of your squadron or general friends as well. Then use them to collect these incomplete collections. ONLY Black and Gold FC can take advantage of Fatecore Memory feature for now.

Core Sharing is found right besides core memory at the bottom of the screen. You can share the FC power of your main hero with another hero using Core Sharing feature. This can be done for a hero who does not have a FC yet.

exos heroes core sharing beginners guide

Air Squadron Guide and Joining ⇓

Being a part of an Air Squadron in Exos Heroes is very important for a lot of things. The most important aspect is already mentioned above. You can come up with cool Core Memory setups with the help of Air Squadron Members.

You can receive lots of amazing Fatecore Memory Sharing items in the respective tab as well.

Knot of Creation provides more rewards for FCs in general. The Knot Bar fills up for every FC summon for your allies. This is a very cool feature inside the Air Squadron System. The points obtained per FC upgrade are:

  • Black FC – 1 Point
  • Gold FC – 3 Point
  • Blue FC – 3 point

Air Squadron Support will help you request for support from your Air squadron mates. These will help you in a variety of ways to boost your team stats and help them in the game.

Heroes Recruit/Summon Guide ⇓

Here I will explain the process of recruiting in Exos Heroes so that the basics are cleared for you. There are various categories and tiers of recruit in this game. Let’s take a look.

Mythic Recruit is the most desirable and Pay-To-Win content you can find in this game. If you want to spend commit for these summons. For F2P players, you need to ignore this part and move on.

Nation Premium Recruit is a summoning that can be done ONCE PER ACCOUNT. There are subcategories to this recruit, but the best one for most players is Green Land. If you have characters from Green Land, then go for Estoris Republic.

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

Blue Fatecore Selection Recruit  is where you can spend some time and decide which one to pick. For most parts, I would highly advise to go with Blue FC Ratchel or Blue FC Garff. The others are OKish so after these two the rest depends on you.

Gold Fatecore Selection Recruit is limited to 1 Time per account so keep that in mind. Here, you should go for Gold FC Jinai, Gold FC Garff, Gold FC Ratchel, and Gold FC April.

Black Fatecore Selection Recruit is also a 1 Time pull only. Ideally, try to get Black FC Anastasia first. Or you can also get Black FC Magi, Black FC Adams, and Black FC Degas.

The String of Creation Re’ Banner shows you how many banners you currently have. There are a total of 497 characters there. If you clear all of those, you unlock all the banners in the game. This is not recommended for beginners for now.

Artifacts are basically items assists for heroes and different artefacts have different effects. Since this is a Beginner Guide for Exos Heroes, I won’t be going in-depth for this.

Airship Forge Guide ⇓

This can be considered a general forge where you would craft a lot of Equipment or Gears for your characters. This concept is common among other Gacha Games as well. You get the following options here:

  • Breaker, Fortification, Vitality
  • Critical, Sniper, Dash
  • Resistance, Destruction, Red Blood, Retaliation

Fuse Equipment option helps you to… Fuse Equipment! As simple as that. Select the set option and/or the main option inside the tab. They require resources and some crafting cost to fuse.

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

Door To Creation ⇓

This is a tab for a number of options that the game provides. They are quite self explanatory. if any any of them requires more elaboration, do let me know in the comments:

  • Bookmark
  • Recruit: You can recruit a 5 Star hero using two fated heroes here. The summoning of the hero is random.
  • Nation Recruit: Recruit Hero at the cost of Solarseal (Not Advised for beginner)
  • Craft: Craft gears/equipment using the same types. Works on a similar concept as for the “Recruit” tab.
  • Assemble/Disassemble: Common process of assembling items or breaking them down for other things.

Guide on Signature Force ⇓

This basically buffs the Heroes coming from the signature of the same nation. Boosting stats and other aspects. Before, you had to setup a team around a particular nation, but now things have changed.

You have to select a Fated Hero from that particular Signature nation as a sacrifice to gain a boost of stats for other heroes of the same nation. For example, use FC Ratchel as donation to boost a lot of stats for Lenombe Hero Force.

  • Each Node Requires the Same FC Hero or the one mentioned
  • The rest of the Nation hero received the said bonus to Stats

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

There are other nations as well requiring certain heroes as sacrifice to boost the heroes from the same nation. You can scroll and check them out at your own time.

Scout Guide ⇓

You can use you existing Heroes to Scout for a particular hero. DO NOT USE 5 star heroes here since you can use them in the Door To Creation Recruit Tab. Ideally, do the following:

  • Use up to 4 Star heroes here
  • Scout for a relevant hero that you are missing or you want
  • Once Scout points reach the Maximum, you can get the Signature FC Hero that is shown

What are Journals? ⇓

These are basically a guide to information regarding particular heroes in Exos Heroes. The Journal has the following tabs:

  • Artifact Journal
  • Hero Journal
  • Story Journal

This is just a collection of information which you can always read in your leisure times.

Market Guide ⇓

 Market has the simple concept of purchasing and exchanging different items and currencies for the ones you want. There are two options in the Market. They are:

  • Heowon’s Old Store
  • Yorm’s Exchanges

Heowon’s Old Store has a wide variety of shards for Signature Fated heroes. If you can collect 50 of them you can summon various heroes that can be used in Inventory. A lot of other materials are also available there.

In Yorm’s Exchanges, you will be getting some extremely rare material. This is called “Equipment Fusion Main Option Selection Chest”. 

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

You can use this to get a Hammer that you can use in the Fuse Equipment’s second option. You can also get Artifact Stigma in exchange for some materials as well.

Dispatch Guide ⇓

Another great way to farm resources, materials, and items is by using the dispatch tab. There are Three options here and each servers a specific purpose. These are:

  1. Ruins Exploration – Used to get Sunstone Insignias
  2. Treasure Hunting – Obtain materials to sell here.
  3. Dispatch – You can get other rewards by dispatching heroes.

Grind these out for more amazing rewards and materials. They you can sell those rewards and materials to get more currencies.

World Challenge Guide, Tips, and Strategies ⇓

  • Holy Dragon Grounds can be used by a player to grind for materials and equipment. 
  • Infinity Core can be put to use to challenge a parallel world hero. This works on a raid mechanism. Gather currencies in exchange for items in the shop/market.
  • Embodiment of Avarice gives you ores of mana and ancient tokens. Use the reward you get here in Heowon’s Store to get a lot of precious materials and items.
  • Yupir’s Labyrinth can be done 1 time per day. This is a mystical place with special challenges. You can do sets of challenges to receive the Final Reward for that particular challenge.
  • Hero Battles also give EXP and these are basically special stories of heroes that you are able to play and live through the game.
  • Side Stories are also similar to hero battles and are basically a small part of the campaign content where they tell the story of heroes in another time.

The Battle Tab is most likely going to be focussed on PvP Content and is locked at the date of publishing of this post. I will update this section in future once they unlock that part.

The Growth Tab has three parts to it which I will go over briefly. They are:

  • Unity Sanctum – You can use this for Hero Level Ups and Blessing Materials
  • Shelter of Avarice – Grants you Gold and Ancient Token, so a great place to farm for them
  • Celestial Trade Route – This section is totally focussed on equipment. You can get more equipment and also get Equipment enhancements stones from here.

Guide on Exploration [World Tab] ⇓

You can find this in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

In this tab, you can travel freely between different nations. Earn Various rewards in the process of exploring. Fight different types of enemies that will usually block your patch to progress further.

You can also use the “Smart Exploration” option where it explores in itself even when you are offline. You can also see the Expected Rewards that will be listed above, as shown in the image.

The Delmar Guide – Coliseum, Hero challenges, and Tournaments ⇓

The Delmar is the next exploration spot.  This can be found in the bottom-right corner of the screen besides “world”. Inside there, certain NPCs appear that grant you rewards. In this village system you also get the following options:

  • Tereia Dye Station – To Colour your characters/heroes
  • Mini Game – play certain mini games in casual times
  • Coliseum
  • Wug Run Fest

You also have daily tournaments where you guess which hero should win. If you win this guess game, you get various rewards from time to time. There is also Hero challenge where you have to come up with a good Heroes Team.

Both of these are found in Delmar and are basically strategy games based in Exos Heroes and your overall knowledge about characters/heroes.

Game/Account Buff Guide and Tips ⇓

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

On the bottom-left corner the “Spade” sign indicates the tab for Account or Game Buffs. You can basically see what is the total buff if stats you entire account is currently having. This is further divided into Nations. Each Nation contains:

  • Signaure
  • Core Memory
  • Blue Fatecore

Expand each nation and check what buffs you can get for certain heroes to have in your team as well. A very informative place to check out a lot of stats that impact you gameplay.

Checking Out Shop ⇓

This is found at the top-right of the screen with a “Gift” icon. 

Exos heroes beginners guide tips and tricks updated

The lucky box should pop up and at the end of the Lucky Box opening animation, you will get the reward. It can be a discount deal or any other item as well. There are other tabs in this shop as well:

  • Mythic package
  • Monthly Exos
  • Recruit Package
  • Currency Package
  • Unleash Potential Package
  • Growth and Equipment Package
  • Fatecore
  • Ticket Package

If you are a spender, this is the place to be to snag some decent deals on offer. This is of course the place of P2W content so this is a specific section. F2P players can avoid this part of the shop if they want.

Mailbox is also an important place to get a lot of rewards and items. Usually after maintenances and downtimes, expect some sort of compensation rewards and gifts from the developers in your mailbox. There are sub-sections to this mailbox. They are:

  • Hero/Equipment/Material
  • Levistone
  • Currency
  • Pass
  • and Message Box

Eternal Bond and Alliance Guide ⇓

Eternal bond exos heroes guide

To gain access to eternal bond, tap the Three bars at top-right corner > Select Eternal Bond from the dropdown. Eternal Bond is basically a 30 days (Monthly) Milestone Event. 

When you login for 30 consecutive days, you are able to obtain the selected hero of your choice. This is a kind of loyalty bonus that he developers give to their players as a reward. But you need to login for a month!

Alliance is basically the friend List for yourself. Take note that the more friends you have the better. This is the pathway to get a hefty boost to your core memory as well. So make sure you do not ignore alliance in Exos Heroes.

You can find Alliance Right below the Eternal Bonds Option.

Coupon/Redeem Codes for Exos Heroes ⇓

As of the time of publishing of this post, there are a few coupon codes that I want to share that will help you to get free items as well. To redeem these codes go to:

  • Top-Right Corner Three Bars
  • Go To Settings
  • Select the Account Tab
  • Tap on “Input Coupon

The coupon codes for Exos Heroes are:

  • EXOS

That would all the knowledge I had to share in this Exos Heroes Beginner Guide, Tips, and Strategies post. Do leave your doubts or thoughts in the comment section below, and pardon if there is any mistake on my part.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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