Helldivers 2 – Stalkers Guide: Location and How To Destroy

Stalkers are the bane of Helldiver squads, cloaked nightmares weaving through the shadows. Fear not, brave trooper! This guide for Helldivers 2 equips you with the knowledge and strategies to locate Stalkers and eliminate these insectoid menaces.

Helldivers 2: How To Find Stalkers and Destroy Them


Stalker’s Locations and About Them

Location: Lurking within Terminid missions, specifically near their hidden Stalker Lairs. Difficulty affects their frequency, with higher levels being their hunting grounds.

Appearance: Imagine a hulking Hunter with menacing red wings and a bioluminescent tongue – that’s your Stalker.

Stealth Tactics: Masters of camouflage, they blend into the scenery, only revealing themselves when triggered (more on that later).


Where to Find the Shadows (Locations)

Lair Hunting: Scrutinize the map for dark, circular spots – potential Stalker Lairs. Explore these areas thoroughly, remember, not all dark spots house Stalkers, but diligent searching pays off.

Smoke and Mirrors: Deploy Smoke Grenades strategically. Passing through the smoke breaks their invisibility, making them easy targets.

Spore Cloud Surprise: Keep an eye out for bug eggs. Trample on them to trigger spore clouds, briefly revealing nearby Stalkers.

Embrace the Orders: Missions often have optional objectives to ‘eradicate Stalker Lairs’. These are goldmines for finding and exterminating the pests.

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How To Beat Stalkers:

Prioritize Elimination: Treat Stalkers like Elite Hunters. They pack a punch and can disrupt your squad easily. Focus fire whenever they reveal themselves.

Unmasking the Unseen: Certain perks and equipment unveil the cloaked. Consider Combat ScannerPulse Grenades, or the Advanced Targeting Unit for enhanced detection.

Firepower Matters: Choose weapons based on your playstyle. High-impact weapons like shotguns or heavy hitters like the railgun deal devastating blows. Area-of-effect options like grenade launchers can catch multiple Stalkers in one blast.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Communicate with your squad! Call out sightings, coordinate attacks, and cover each other’s flanks. Remember, a lone Helldiver against a Stalker rarely ends well.


Bonus Tips

  • Secondary Objectives: Completing “Stalking is illegal” requires destroying Stalker Lairs. This not only progresses the objective but also weakens the Stalker’s presence on the map.
  • Strategic Strategems: Consider using Stratagems like Orbital Laser Strikes or Heavy Bombardment against large Stalker clusters. Just ensure no friendly Helldivers are caught in the blast!
  • Don’t Underestimate: While not bosses, Stalkers can quickly turn the tide if ignored. Stay vigilant, prioritize their elimination, and emerge victorious!

By following these tactics and staying sharp, you’ll transform from Stalker prey to predator. Remember, teamwork, awareness, and the right tools are key to mastering the hunt.

Last Updated on February 22, 2024

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