Lost Ark – Best Graphics and UI Settings, Binds, and Tips

In this post, I will be discussing the most optimal graphics and UI settings you can do for Lost Ark to play the game in a convenient manner. Being an MMORPG, things can get a bit hectic in terms of both the UI, Keybinds, and Graphics. That is where this guide can help you.

Lost Ark best settings and binds

Lost Ark – Best Graphics and UI Settings, Binds, and Tips

Since Lost Ark does not show you exactly how to tweak certain UI, Keybinds, and Graphics Settings, it can get confusing. Read on to know about some of the details to make your time easier in this game.

UI Settings and Tips

The first thing I am going over is the UI. This is one of the most important aspects of an MMORPG game like Lost Ark. Cleaning this up will mean that you can manage units quite well. Let’s take a look.

  • The first Tip is to press “Tab” on the Keyboard to bring out the map – Once the mini-map pops up, you can then use the Middle-Mouse Click to place the minimap by dragging it anywhere on the screen. This is a convenient way to place the map as per your comfort.
  • Hold Left Alt + X – This toggles some of the UI elements “ON” or “OFF.” The last toggle you do will clear all the UI elements from the screen, making it the clearest.
  • Press and Hold Left-CTRL and Use Scroll – This changes the mouse cursor style/color. This can come in handy where your default cursor may merge with the background.
  • Hold Alt + Left Click on Minimap to Travel – This will help you in fast traveling quickly instead of opening the map separately and picking locations to travel to.
  • Use Right-Click and Left-Click to Zoom in and out of Zones in Big Map.
  • Use “To Port” at the bottom-left of the Map screen – This will immediately take you to your boat without much hassle.
  • To lock an item in your inventory, press Alt + Left click on Item. This will save that particular item from auto-sorting and other actions.
  • Press The Four Square icon at the top-left of the inventory screen to Sort Items Manually.

Lost Ark’s Best Graphics and Game Settings

Press “Esc” on the Keyboard to bring out the Lost Ark game settings menus. Click on “settings’ from the bottom cogwheel and do the following tweaks:

Best Video Settings

DirectX and Resolution Settings
  • DirectX – 11
  • Resolution – Native (Ideal for MMORPG games)
  • Screen – Borderless (Very handy if you ALT-Tab often. Reduces CPU load)
  • Lock Cursor – Unchecked
Screen Effect Settings
  • Texture Quality – Very High
  • Character Quality – Very High
  • Shadow Quality – Very High
  • particle Quality – Very High
  • Anti-Aliasing – High
  • Better Depth of Field – On
  • Indirect Shadows – On
  • Auto Optimization – Balanced (Middle Slider)
  • Bloom Effect – On
  • Distortion Effect – On
  • Flare Effect – On
  • Motion Blur – Off
  • HUD Size Adjustment – 100%

Best Settings For Lost Ark

Best Audio Settings

These are the optimal audio settings for Lost Ark. Some are kept default, and others have been tweaked to some extent. Take a look.

  • Select Voice Language – English (OR your preferred language)
  • Volume Levels – 30-40% (Don’t max out the volume, or you can have difficulty communicating)
  • Sound In Background – On
  • Cooldown Alert – Off (On if you want)
  • Rest Toggle options – Checked
  • Speaker and Mic Volume – 50% for me (Optional and depends on preference)
  • Voice Input Mode – PTT or voice activation (I use PTT or push to talk)
  • Auto-Join voice chat – Off
  • Voice Chat HUD Opacity – 60%

Best audio Settings For Lost Ark

Accessibility Settings

  • Cursor – Default (Or anyone – as I mentioned above, you can use Left CTRL + Scroll to change this on the fly)
  • Mouse Cursor Size – Normal
  • Color Blind Filter – Off
  • Color Filter Intensity – 50
  • Photosensitive Mode – Off
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Best Community Settings

This option is kind of important since a lot of players might want to change this to their liking. This directly impacts the visibility of the chat boxes and chats on your screen, so do this carefully.

Best Community Settings For Lost Ark
  • Window Opacity – 75%
  • Font Size – 13 pt
  • View Chat Time – On
  • Community and System Colors – Preference
  • TTS Channel Settings – Remove
  • TTS Volume Settings – 50
  • Speed Settings – X1
  • STT Channel Settings – Disable
Macro Text

I do not personally use this, but there are a tonne of options here so that you can bind some pre-made chats to certain keys. Give this a go if you want to convey quick and precise messages on the go!

  • Friend Online – ON
  • Guildmate Online – ON
  • Friend Offline – ON
  • Guildmate Offline – ON
  • Decline Requests – Unchecked All (Preference)

Best Gameplay Settings

These are the main and optimal gameplay settings for Lost Ark as per my knowledge. These options can vary from person to person. These are the ones I found to be the most convenient for me.

Best Gameplay Settings For Lost Ark

Controls and Display
  • Show Damage Options – ALL ON
  • Show HP Bar – Only “Player” is OFF; the rest are ON.
  • Combat Pet Settings – “Display My Pet” and “Display Others’ Pet” are ON, and the rest are off.
  • Battle Effects Display – For All Targets
  • Show Loot Name – Always Show
  • Adjust Emoticon Chat Size – Basic
  • Adjust Emoticon Bubble Size – Basic
  • Show Network Latency – Show Delay
  • AFK Settings – 15m
  • Select Keyboard Layout – QWERTY
  • Show Low HP – On
  • Display Speciality Tooltip – On
  • Show Tutorial – On
  • Display Time in AM/PM Format – Off
Combat Settings
  • Auto Move – The direction the character faces
  • Cursor Aim – On
  • Auto-load Trade HUD – On
  • Skill Screen Shake – On
  • Skip Dungeon Curscenes – Off for me (Turn this ON if you want to get the meat of things!)
Quickslot Settings
  • Left-Click Control – Always
  • Right-Click Control – Always
  • Stronghold Basic HUD – Stronghold HUD
  • Enable Locked Enhancements – OFF
Skill Tree Notification
  • Notification Threshold – Skill Tree Lvl. 1 or above
  • Mark Low Tier Gear – OFF
  • Mark Low Effect Gear – OFF
Keyboard Control Settings
  • Control Mouse Cursor with Keyboard – OFF
  • Cursor Speed – 50%
  • Cursor Acceleration – 50%
Mouse and Gamepad Control Settings
  • Cursor Control Method – Drag and Drop
  • Snap To Cursor Function – Off
Nametag Settings

I keep all of the settings ON, and honestly, I have not gone over each of them. You can give this option a read and make some toggle changes as per your preference in the Lost Ark gaming experience that you want.

Best Hotkey Settings for Lost Ark (Keyboard Controls)

The holy grail of MMORPG games, especially a game like Lost Ark, is the Hotkey settings. These tweaks can make or break a gaming experience in my opinion. These changes are highly debated, and frankly speaking, there are no “ONE” best hotkeys settings. Still, I will go over them for the convenience of users:

Control Key
ActionKeyboard Controls
Move/Loot/InteractLeft Click 🔒
Attack (Mouse)Right Click 🔒
Reverse MouseON
Auto MoveT
Interaction 1 🔒G
Interaction 2 🔒H
Change HUDB
Identity 1Z
Identity 2X
Macros Settings
Action (Phrase)
Keyboard Controls
1ALT + 1
2ALT + 2
3ALT + 3
4ALT + 4
5ALT + 5
6ALT + 6
7ALT + 7
8ALT + 8
9ALT + 9
10ALT + 0

There are two things to note here. When you start the game, you will be presented with the option to “Left Click to Move and Right Click to Use Abilities” or “Right Click To Move and Left Click To Use Abilities.”

I highly recommend that you choose wisely here. If you come from a MOBA background, you will pick the former for most parts. This is totally optional, and as you can see from the above settings, some of the binds get locked after selection; hence, pick wisely.

Lost Ark Best Hotkey and Keyboard Control Settings

That is all I had to share in this Best Settings, and Bind’s guide for Lost Ark. Do let me know how you are enjoying the game as well. I will be bringing out more Lost Ark content, so stay in touch with this website.

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Last Updated on February 19, 2024

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