How To Enjoy Universe Mode in WWE 2K24

Discover the ultimate manual for maximizing enjoyment and fun in WWE 2K24’s Universe Mode. Taking the initiative, I’ve compiled this guide to feature the most effective and recommended methods for making Universe Mode an engaging experience. Through this, we can all gain new insights, exchange ideas, and eliminate the need for repetitive inquiries.

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How To Have More Fun In WWE 2K24 Universe Mode

It’s important to note that this guide primarily focuses on Classic Universe Mode, although some concepts can be adapted for both Superstar Universe Mode and those who prefer using Play Mode. Additionally, these tips are relevant not only to the current game but also to various previous WWE 2K titles.

Now, let’s dive into the guide.


To personalize your Universe Mode experience, take ownership from the outset. One of the mode’s highlights is its sandbox nature, allowing you to shape and play within its boundaries according to your preferences (within the game’s functionality, of course). If Universe Mode isn’t your cup of tea, it’s perfectly fine to skip it altogether.

For those keen on exploring its potential, here are some prompts to guide you through the initial setup:

  1. Commence your journey from the beginning of the current year’s Universe Mode and build your narrative from there.
  2. Align your game’s starting point with the current state of the WWE product, assuming the role of the creative head, and introduce changes accordingly.
  3. Dive into the world of Create-a-Wrestler (CAW) content by either crafting or downloading numerous characters. Recreate other wrestling companies or specific eras, whether historical or contemporary.
  4. Infuse your own creativity by crafting or downloading CAW content to curate original wrestling shows.

Bonus Tip: Consider conducting a draft to determine the assignment of wrestlers to each show. Utilize online platforms or spreadsheets for drafting, or even kickstart the process with GM Mode before finalizing your roster.

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After outlining the type of Universe Mode you envision, the next crucial decision revolves around the gameplay experience. Consider the following options:

  1. Take an active role by playing each match as the wrestler you want to win or lose, striving for your preferred outcome.
  2. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle by letting AI-controlled characters face off against each other.
  3. Opt for a more hands-off approach by utilizing the simulate match feature available in the show match card screens.

Watching AI vs. AI has gained popularity within the community. Personally, I recommend exploring AI Sliders available on YouTube to customize the AI behavior according to your preferences. Various options cater to different match styles and durations, allowing you to tailor the experience to your liking.

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Now, let’s delve into managing your weekly shows. If you’re new to Universe Mode, it’s advisable not to dive into a multi-show system with an extensive roster right away. Starting with a more manageable format is key. Consider beginning with a single show featuring around forty wrestlers, distributed as follows:

  • 6 wrestlers for the World Title
  • 10 wrestlers for the Mid Card Title
  • 12 teams (6 teams of 2) for the Tag Team Titles
  • 10 wrestlers for the Women’s division
  • 2 Jobbers

To maintain a balanced and engaging experience, it’s also recommended to limit the number of matches per show. Aim for 3-5 matches per show (approximately 12 matches per week) as a manageable quantity to advance your storytelling and keep matches captivating. Ensure each match serves a purpose, whether it contributes to short-term or long-term booking decisions. This approach can help streamline your Universe Mode and make it more enjoyable for both players and spectators.

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Here are some valuable tips for crafting compelling rivalries and storytelling in your Universe Mode:

  1. Strategic Planning: Outline both long-term and short-term goals for your Universe Mode. This provides a roadmap for your storytelling, ensuring a cohesive and engaging narrative.
  2. Disable Automatic Rivalries: Turn off automatic rivalries to exert more control over your narrative. Instead, utilize specific rivalry features, such as tag-team breakups or post-match attacks, by manually setting rivalry actions. While not flawless, these actions can significantly enhance gameplay and storytelling.
  3. AI-Generated Storylines: If you’re struggling to devise a captivating storyline, leverage the power of AI. Allow the in-game AI to generate storylines for you, or seek assistance from platforms like ChatGPT to spark creative ideas. This can introduce unexpected twists and turns to your Universe Mode, keeping it fresh and unpredictable.
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Explore these ideas to inject creativity into your gameplay:

  1. Tournaments: Organize tournaments within your Universe Mode, whether it’s to crown a new champion, headline a PPV, or determine match participants. Take inspiration from real-life events like NJPW’s G1 Climax for innovative tournament formats.
  2. Themed PPVs: Elevate the excitement by building towards themed Pay-Per-Views (PPVs). For instance, host a Halloween Havoc event where all wrestlers dress up for the occasion. Don’t hesitate to create your unique PPV concepts, and feel free to deviate from the monthly schedule observed by WWE.
  3. Match Stipulations: Experiment with various match stipulations and even invent your own. This adds diversity to your Universe Mode and keeps the gameplay fresh and unpredictable.

Ideas for Wrestlers:

  1. Gimmick Variety: Introduce a range of newly created or downloaded gimmicks for your wrestlers. This adds depth and uniqueness to each character.
  2. Gimmick Swaps: Swap gimmicks between wrestlers, bridging different eras. For example, give current WWE stars the gimmicks of wrestlers from the 80s-90s. Consider passing on the mantle of a famous gimmick to a present-day talent, creating intriguing character developments.
  3. Tag-Team Creativity: Form unique and interesting tag teams, utilizing Create-a-Wrestler (CAW), legends, or existing wrestlers. The possibilities are vast, offering numerous options to craft exciting alliances within your Universe Mode.


Let’s delve into the topic of spreadsheets:

Spreadsheet FAQs:

  1. Common Usage: Many individuals incorporate spreadsheets, often using platforms like Google Sheets, Excel, or Numbers alongside their Universe Modes.
  2. Necessity: No, utilizing a spreadsheet is not mandatory, but it can enhance the overall experience, adding an extra layer of fun and enjoyment to your Universe Mode.
  3. Functionality: The spreadsheet’s content can vary based on personal preference. For example, a Universe Mode spreadsheet might include details such as the roster, tag teams/stables, win/loss records, titles/achievements, and notes related to ongoing storylines.

In essence, the use of a spreadsheet is flexible and can be tailored to your preferences, providing a centralized and organized platform to manage and track various aspects of your Universe Mode.

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Here are additional tips and suggestions for enhancing your Universe Mode experience:

  1. Seek Inspiration: Watch other players’ Universe Modes on platforms like YouTube or explore dedicated threads on Reddit. This can provide valuable inspiration for unique storylines, match setups, and overall creative ideas. Consider contributing your content to the community as well.
  2. Design Match Cards and Posters: Elevate the presentation of your Universe Mode by creating match cards or posters. Utilize graphic design software like Photoshop, or explore online alternatives such as Photopea or Canva. For an innovative touch, experiment with AI tools like Bing Image Generator.
  3. Explore Modding (PC Only): If you’re playing on a PC, dive into the modding community. Mods can introduce new wrestlers, arenas, graphics, music, and more, transforming your game significantly. While some modding tools may seem complex initially, they become more manageable with practice and can unlock a wealth of customization options for your Universe Mode.


In conclusion, it’s essential to keep in mind that WWE 2K24 is ultimately a video game, and you should play it in a way that brings you joy. Don’t let criticism of your play-style affect your enjoyment. The most important thing is that you find satisfaction in the way you choose to experience the game.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. I hope it has provided valuable insights and tips to enhance your Universe Mode. I’ll strive to update it with fresh content and additional tips whenever possible. Enjoy your time in the virtual wrestling world!

Last Updated on March 8, 2024

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