Lies of P: What Are Fury or Red Attacks and How To Dodge

There are a variety of enemies in Lies of P that players have to take down as they progress. It is not easy, and you must always be on your guard, especially against the red attacks.

These occur when the enemy emits red light before it attacks you heavily. These attacks inflict much damage and are hard to avoid in the game. That is why it is essential to understand these attacks and how to avoid them.

Lies of P: What Are Red Attacks and How To Dodge

The red glow is signaling that a Fury Attack. These are potent attacks that will make use of an enemy’s full strength. They take time to prepare and can be observed easily, so you will know when they appear.

The bad news is that these Fury Attacks cannot be avoided or run away from, so there is only one thing to do in the game to minimize the damage as much as possible.

Lies of P - Red Glow

The only way to safeguard against a Fury Attack is by doing a perfect guard. Perfect guards are the sole option for stopping a Fury Attack from causing damage in the game. It will also let you counter the attack by doing some strikes from your side.

The option of dodging is useless, as you will most definitely get hit and see your health go down massively. To do a Perfect Guard, hit the R1 button on PlayStation or the LB button on Xbox.

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You will have to be perfect with your timing of the guard for when the Fury Attack is just about going to make contact.

Lies of P - Fury Attack detail

It is not an easy move; timing is the most crucial. Players who successfully do a Perfect Guard will get no damage and have some stamina go down.

If you fail to do a Perfect Guard, the damage will be significant as the Fury Attacks are some of the most dangerous in Lies of P. You should also focus on any attacks the enemies use immediately after this, as they will only increase the total damage done.

Thus, that is all the information players need regarding Fury Attacks and how to counter them. There is only one way to go about it, that is, by using the Perfect Guard. Any form of dodging or trying to avoid the move will not be effective.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

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