How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Audio Bugs and Sound Issues

Some players are experiencing weird backward sounds, audio crackling issues, and missing audio from specific sources in the game. All these sound bugs are quite common since the range of devices and software that players use varies a lot.

Certain sound effect settings and audio sources can enhance or even fix the audio bug issues to start with. We will check all of those out in this guide.

COD MW2 audio bug fix

Fixing Audio Bugs, Crackling Sounds, and other Sound Issues in MW2

The first and foremost thing to check, even before going into the game settings for audio, is the Windows Devices and tweaks. Let us first go through them.

Windows Settings and Check for Audio Issue

Go to the bottom right of your screen from your desktop and click on the volume icon. Make sure the volume is adjusted as per preference and most importantly, set to your device!

I use a Razer Blackshark V2 wireless headset, so I look for that in the same place. If it is there and some other device is selected, pick your audio output device, and you should be done.

Screenshot 1 2

Right-click on the Device > Open Sound Settings > Make sure that input and output are set to the same device you are using.

Avoid going for the Default device as it can sometimes detect the wrong In and Out Source, hampering sound and audio for COD MW2. if you think that you cannot locate the device you are using, click on Troubleshoot from there.

Settings 2022 10 28 15.15.24

Checking Sound Control Panel

You need to check the sound control panel for windows to make sure that everything is clear there. To do that, do the following:

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the run.
  • Now, copy and paste mmsys.cpl in the run command box
  • In the Sound dialogue box, click on the Playback tab.
  • Now, right-click on an empty area and check if both Show Disabled Devices and Show Connected Devices are checked.
  • Now, select your audio device, right-click on it, and click on Disable in the menu.
  • Now, right-click on it again and select Enable from the right-click menu to re-activate it.
  • Press OK to save the changes and exit.

Now, your system audio should be working fine for your games; in this case, it is COD MW2.

Ingame Settings To Fix Audio Bugs and Sound Issues

Now, we come to the in-game audio options provided to us. We can use them as well to fix most audio issues that are caused during our gameplay. To access the options, go to settings > Audio. Here are the settings I use for myself:

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Audio Mix – Headphones – This is very important for audio issues. I had home theater selected which made my audio go bland. Using the source that you are originally using, for me. Headphones will enable you to hear better and get rid of most audio missing or imbalance issues.

Volume Levels – 100 – All my volume levels, namely, Master, Music, Dialogue, Effects, and Hitmaker, are all set to 100. You can individually set one or all of them to your desired levels as per your preference.

Speaker/Headphones/Game Sound Device – Razer Blackshark V2 (Or default source device) – This is also important because, just like Windows audio settings, you do not want to leave this to default. Make sure to manually set this to your source device.

Mono Audio – ON – I like to pinpoint the location from which the sound is coming. Turning ON mono audio ensures that I can do that. If you turn this off, the sound source is general and the exact location feel goes away. The value for this is 1.0 for me, which is the maximum value.

Voice Chat Options – Preference – This is completely up to personal preference, and there is nothing extra to add here. I personally use PTT, and Z is bound to my push-to-talk.

Microphone Device – Razer Blackshark V2 (Or Default Mic device) – This also should not be set to default. This can cause problems with audio and can easily bug you. Make sure to select the original mic source from here.

Hitmarker Sound Effects – MW – I found this to be the most suitable audio effect for Hitmarkers. You can also select Classic or turn it off completely.

COD MW sound settings

The above settings and tweaks should be enough to fix your audio bug issues and crackling sounds if you are experiencing any. Some of the settings did work for me personally, like the MONO sound.

Do let me know how you are enjoying the game and whether you were able to fix some of the issues or not in the comment section below. Stay posted with our COD Modern Warfare 2 section for more such fixes and guides.

Thanks for dropping by!

Last Updated on February 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Audio Bugs and Sound Issues”

  1. The game audio should NOT be, and I repeat, IT SHOULD NOT BE on Mono. Mono takes away the stereo effect and makes it so the same sound comes out of the left and right speaker. Setting Mono on makes it so you don’t have directional audio

    1. Thanks for the valuable insight. In my personal experience Mono worked fine. Whereas turning mono off made the sound more general. But it depends on personal preference so if you feel like mono does not work for you, then all good 😀

    2. Unfortunately they’re backwards for some reason. Turning mono on and I have directional sound. Without it the sound is not directional at all and I cannot tell where anything is coming from with mono turned off.

  2. I have this weird issue that the audio stutters when I use my bluetooth headphones, and it works fine with my speakers, but no other game gives me this issue, so I don’t think it has anything to do with my windows or headphone settings, and trying different things in the game settings isn’t solving anything

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