Victoria 3 | How To Increase Population

As the game progresses, you’ll need to learn how to boost Victoria 3’s population because as your nation expands, you’ll need more people to fill jobs and participate in the economy. In Victoria 3, you can administer your country’s internal affairs, including its government, population, and economy.

The mechanics are interconnected heavily, making managing your nation a difficult process. So continue reading if you want to learn how to expand Victoria 3’s population.

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How To Increase Your Population In Victoria 3

Your population’s growth or decline during a Victoria 3 game depends on a number of distinct variables. Although throughout the majority of the game you probably have a positive gain in population, there is no easy way to build population, and if you want to boost it, it will require a concentrated effort.

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Increasing Population: The Guide

Hovering your cursor over the population indicator at the top of the screen (it looks like two people) will bring up information about your current population, annual population growth, the number of employed individuals, and a graph showing population changes over time.

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Birthrate & Mortality Rate

Your country’s birthrate and mortality rates determine how many people live there.

The Standard of Living has a significant impact on each of these variables, which are then further impacted by things like disease, employment circumstances, and living quarters. In order to grow your children’s wealth and, thus, their Standard of Living, you must ensure that all of your children can satisfy their needs with high income and benefits.

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As was already established, death is a significant contributor to population growth, and it is directly influenced by healthcare.

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Public Healthcare Measures

You can pass the Charity Hospitals, Private Health Insurance, or Public Health Insurance legislation by going to the Health System Law group under the Laws tab. The Health System institution will be enabled by enacting any of these, and either Private or Public Health Insurance will let you add two more points to it.

You can also add an extra point for each of the Medical Degrees and Pharmaceuticals Technologies on the Society Tech Tree. A flat -5% mortality is provided at each level entered into the Health System institution, with a maximum mortality of -25%.

In essence, this reduces the likelihood that people will pass away, especially when they are younger, allowing more people to procreate and increase the population. Implementing private health insurance will also reduce mortality, but because it scales based on health, the lowest stratum won’t benefit.

On the other side, the Public Health Insurance Law offers a flat mortality reduction of 5%.

That concludes our overview of how to raise the population in Victoria 3, and you should now be able to make decisions that will help you do so. 

Last Updated on October 29, 2022

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