How To Focus Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2

There has been great news for Destiny 2 players recently, which has seen many finally breathe a sigh of relief. For those of us who have faced issues with focusing on Exotic armor in previous seasons for the best stat roll, things are changing in the upcoming season.

Players can focus on Exotic armor, starting with the Season of the Deep. This will be a significant positive for everyone, and in that regard, the following guide will take players through all the details they want to know about this new aspect of the game. 

How To Focus Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2

Players can now bring their Exotic engrams to Master Rahool in The Tower to focus them. The Exotic engrams got via activities like Legend Lost Sectors will be decrypted on their own, as has been happening; the other engrams that players come across on their journey or through the Season Pass (most likely happening) will be focused through the process above. 

Destiny 2 - Exotic armor focusing

There will be two tiers of the Exotic armor focusing setup as they go after the god rolls. These are Advanced Decryption and Precise Decryption.

Nevertheless, the two processes are similar in that the focusing tiers will only give you the pieces of armor you possess and present in your inventory. 

Advanced Decryption

Players can get a random piece of armor from a particular expansion. For example, players wanting to better the Hunter build and going after Star-Eater Scales can use the Beyond Light engram and hope for the best.

Precise Decryption

As the name suggests, this method will let you choose the specific Exotic players searching for a new roll.

If you use the example from before where you are going for the Star-Eater Scales, players can open the Precise Decryption menu and get the Star-Eater Scales to have it with newer stats. 

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Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep

The two tiers of focusing will take different amounts of resources every time you use them. Advanced Decryption will cost one Ascendant Shard, one Exotic engram, and 30,000 Glimmer.

On the other hand, Precise Decryption will require one Exotic Cipher, one Exotic engram, three Ascendant Shards, and 60,000 Glimmer. There is further good news for Exotic Ciphers as the developers, Bungie, have increased your stack’s limit in the inventory to five from one.

Bungie has also revealed that they will update more than 15 of the “lower-performing Exotic armors” and bring more balanced changes to many others.

The Exotic armor you have not discovered so far will start dropping from the Vex Strike Force event in Neomuna through an update soon. 

Thus, that is all the information we have as of now relating to Exotic armor focusing currently. You will have the chance to get the best god rolls for the best armor pieces.

Of course, there will be some significant costs related to them, and the Lost Sectors are a separate entity; this is undoubtedly a solid update that will please many players.

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Last Updated on April 10, 2023

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