How To Get The Firestorm Mod In Remnant 2

Known for its ability to obliterate foes and create a visual spectacle, the Firestorm is a must-have addition to your arsenal. Join us as we navigate the world of Losomn, embark on a quest to find the elusive Gilded Chamber, and claim the coveted Firestorm mod for yourself.

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Acquiring The Firestorm Mod in Remnant 2

The Quest Begins – Locating the Gilded Chamber

The journey to obtain the Firestorm mod commences with finding the elusive Gilded Chamber within the world of Losomn. This chamber holds the key to unleashing the Firestorm’s immense power.

As you embark on this quest, remember that the Gilded Chamber appears randomly as a dungeon door on your map. The element of surprise adds excitement and intrigue to your adventure.

Adventure Mode – Your Path to Success

In your quest to acquire the Firestorm mod, Adventure Mode will be your trusty companion. Unlike other game modes, Adventure Mode allows you to re-roll your map, increasing your chances of stumbling upon the Gilded Chamber.

Many players recommend finding the Gilded Chamber in the Ironborough area, but we propose a different path – Morrow’s Parish.

The Power of Morrow’s Parish

Begin your Adventure Mode in Morrow’s Parish and complete it until Nimue sends you on a mission to defeat the Nightweaver. Once you’ve completed Morrow’s Parish, you’ll find yourself in the Forsaken Quarter area of the map.

This route increases the probability of locating the Gilded Chamber, making your quest more efficient and rewarding.

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The Red Prince Encounter

As you venture into the Gilded Chamber, brace yourself for an intense encounter with the Red Prince. Positioned on his imposing throne, the Red Prince will demand a toll from you. Instead of obliging, they refuse to pay and prepare for a fierce battle.

Engage in combat with the Red Prince but be cautious – his deadly fire can be overwhelming. Staying on the middle center platform will be crucial to your survival.

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Claiming Your Reward

After defeating the Red Prince, your tenacity will be rewarded with the Forlorn Fragment, a critical material item for crafting the Firestorm mod. This fragment holds the essence of the mod’s immense power and potential.

The Assassin’s Dagger

For those who possess the Assassin’s Dagger from a previous quest, there is an opportunity for an even greater reward. By using the Assassin’s Dagger to deliver the final blow to the Red Prince, you unlock a hidden secret – the Red Prince’s Crown.

This regal artifact boasts impressive stats, including high resistance to fire and other elemental types—an actual prize for any daring adventurer.

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Unleashing the Firestorm

Armed with the Forlorn Fragment, you are ready to craft the Firestorm mod. This legendary modification creates a whirlwind of elemental destruction, engulfing nearby enemies in its flames.

The mod inflicts burning damage, leaving adversaries reeling in agony. With a center that deals 75 fire damage per second for an astounding 15 seconds, the Firestorm is the epitome of crowd control and devastation.

Harnessing the Firestorm’s Power

The Firestorm mod is visually stunning and incredibly effective in clearing groups of enemies and handling tough challenges. Its immense damage output and crowd control capabilities make it a favorite among players.

Additionally, when paired with the Stone of Malevolence ring, the Firestorm can be continuously unleashed, thanks to the mod’s ability to generate mod power quickly with the ring’s effect.

This potent combination allows you to unleash multiple Firestorms simultaneously, leaving nothing but destruction in your wake.


Congratulations! With the Firestorm weapon mod in your possession, you now possess an unstoppable force within Remnant 2. As you wield this devastating power, remember to share your experiences and recommendations with fellow players in the gaming community.

The Firestorm is just one of the many thrilling adventures that await you in the world of Losomn. So, gather your courage, embark on new quests, and let your legend grow.

May your journey be filled with excitement and triumph as you continue to master your arsenal of weapons and conquer new challenges in the game. Happy gaming!

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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